hellotrust stands for 360° data protection for WordPress sites . According to the provider, the combination of the daily website scan, the 4-eyes principle of the lawyers and the intelligence of hellotrust enable a 100% compliant data protection and cookie declaration.


Intelligent cookie management

The dynamic cookie management hellotrust is a project of Keyed GmbH from Münsterland. Keyed is an agile team of lawyers, data protection officers and WordPress developers. With the experience in data protection from hundreds of customer projects, Keyed has developed an intelligent cookie management.

Benefits for RAIDBOXES customers

The focus during development was to build a solution that can both protect website operators legally at all times and is also very easy to install.

Keyed is a provider of digital solutions in the field of data protection. The data protection management system and the employee school, a digital learning platform for compliance, are an integral part of Keyed's services. You can find more information about data protection at WordPress in the article GDPR WordPress Plugin.

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