Weglot is a Plugin for WordPress , which translates the content of your website into more than 100 languages. 50,000 websites rely on us. Weglot puts an end to the hassle of translating your projects with its simple 5-minute installation. No programming and a perfect interaction: Weglot is compatible with all WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Internationalization at the click of a mouse

Weglot simplifies your translation processes. The Plugin provides you with a reliable and easy way to instantly deliver your websites internationally with WordPress . The Plugin has the highest rating of all translation solutions in the Plugin directory of WordPress . And it requires absolutely no programming skills.

Weglot is quick and easy to install and fully compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins. It automatically detects and translates your website content, regardless of where it comes from (from an installed plugin, for example). The content is displayed without making a copy of your website or its subpages.

Visual editor and flexible configuration

Tricky step-by-step translations by hand are a thing of the past. As soon as Weglot in installed on your WordPress site, everything is translated immediately. All your translations are then available for post-editing in the Weglot user interface. The intuitive interface makes editing effortless: make changes, add team members to your translation project or hire professional help for the final touch.

One advantage of Weglot is contextual word processing. Make changes to your translation directly on the page interface and within your design. This allows you to always keep track of which content is located where.

Machine and manual translations

Special features of Weglot:

  • Fast 5-minute installation
  • The highest rated translation plugin in the WordPress directory
  • Machine and manual translations
  • Automatic function to switch languages on your site
  • Adapted for multilingual search engine optimization (translated URLs, metadata and addition of hreflang tags)
  • Compatible with all themes and plugins, incl. WooCommerce, Yoast etc.
  • Unique user interface with contextual word processing: Correct translations quickly and easily and invite team members to collaborate
  • Expert support: our dedicated technical support team is at your service

Weglot offers you a 10-day free trial to discover the platform. You get access to all features of the premium version. Also available is a free version for websites with less than 2000 words. Paid versions are available for as little as €9.90 per month, depending on the number of languages and words on your site . You can check the word count of your site here.

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