13 Advantages of Managed WordPress hosting: Tips for your websites

Speed, security and support - reliable Managed WordPress hosting will give your websites a boost. But what do you have to pay attention to as a freelancer, agency or company? We share our expert tips with you.

E-Book: 13 reasons for Managed WPHosting

Time – the most important resource for creative minds

In our 30+ page e-book you will learn how to automate unpleasant processes and get more freedom for your website projects. 🚀

Focus on your creative skills and increase your productivity

The ne plus ultra in the area hosting for freelancers, agencies and companies? A managed server. This is continuously supervised by a specialized web host. So you can safely leave technical worries behind and instead concentrate fully on your business.

Ensure the highest performance for your websites

That your WordPress site lightning-fast charging and high load resistance is not only important for your visitors. Because Google also mercilessly punishes slow portals. An optimized Managed Hosting takes most of the performance optimization off your hands - without you having to do anything yourself.

Put an end to complicatedPlugins, small web space & Co.

Whether it's technical support, server-side caching or automatic backups: a managed hosting based on WordPress optimised hosting offers you more security for your websites. We will tell you which security gaps you can avoid and why we integrate RAIDBOXES all important functions directly into our hosting dashboard.

First-class support without compromise

You are deeply involved in a customer project and your web server reports with a critical update? Instead of guessing what the problem might be, you have a team of WordPress experts with a high level of technical experience at your disposalsite . You can read more about these and other advantages in our e-book. By the way, it is also suitable as information material for your customers.

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

With Managed WordPress Hosting, your hoster takes care of all technical details and keeps your back free. So you can do what you love again: be creative and develop your business. In our opinion, this is the most important principle that a specialized managed WordPress hoster such as, for exampleRAIDBOXES . In keeping with our mission to "create space".