Partner program for WordPress freelancers:

You are a freelancer or a small agency and work with WordPress? Then start as our FREE DEV partner and benefit from free development and other exclusive advantages!

Already 1,200+ partners - Over 10,000 customers in 55 countries - Already 117,500+ trees planted

1. Develop WordPress projects for free

Get in touch now so we can activate a developer account for you. From this account you can develop your WordPress projects for 3+ months - entirely free of charge.

2. Super-simple contract transfer

As soon as your WordPress project can go online, you simply enter your client's email in our user interface. After successful delivery you will receive your commission.

3. Earn top commission

From now on, you can just sit back and relax. We will take care of everything related to web hosting and you can still support your client as an admin.

Your FREE DEV partner benefits

You are a freelancer or a small agency and develop WordPress projects for your clients? Then benefit from free development and many more advantages!

Advanced dev tools

Our smart developer tools streamline your workflow and free up more time for what's most important: your business.

Free development of WordPress projects

Host your projects with us for free during development and only sign up for a contract when the websites goes live.

Content partnership in our magazine

You have exciting stories to tell with high relevance for our readership? From interviews to case studies, we can provide you with all the information you need in our magazine we can explore interesting topics together.

Attractive commission

We really appreciate you recommending RAIDBOXES. That's why you'll receive up to €1,500 commission for each customer you bring to us.

Green Hosting Partner Award

Every year the partners who have planted the most trees with us are chosen and awarded the RB "Green Hosting Partner Award".

Affiliate customer discount on FULLY MANAGED plan

Your customers receive a discount of 10 € via your partner affiliate link on the FULLY MANAGED plan

Our attractive commission model

Earn high commission from the very first customer and increase it by 70% per level.

From one recruited customer
From 15 recruited customers
From 25 recruited customers
Commission per new customer
3 x
BOX plan
4 x
BOX plan
5 x
BOX plan
Referred BOX plan
MINI 9 €
PRO 50 €
PRO XL 100 €
Commission rates
27 €
45 €
90 €
150 €
300 €
450 €
600 €
900 €
Commission rates
36 €
60 €
120 €
200 €
400 €
500 €
800 €
1200 €
Commission rates
45 €
75 €
150 €
250 €
500 €
750 €
1000 €
1500 €
Minimum customer loyalty
Your commission is paid out after this period
3 months 4 months 5 months

FREE DEV Partner Program for WordPress Freelancers

You are a freelancer or a small agency and develop WordPress projects for your clients? Then join our FREE DEV program to benefit from free development and many more advantages!

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Matthias Held

"Our users don't need to worry about the hosting basics (speed, security, easy deployment). But what we offer goes even further than that: we want to lighten the workload for our partners. We work closely with our users on our RB Dashboard and actively implement feature requests and ideas. That's how our platform has developed into an efficiency tool for agencies and freelancers

Matthias Held
Head of Development - RAIDBOXES

Become a RAIDBOXES expert!

We'll help you - a WordPress professional - discover and harness the full potential of RAIDBOXES and create even more freedom for your work!

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The perfect solution for your WordPress business

Look forward to these benefits on our powerful WordPress hosting platform.

Our mission is to create freedom for you! With RAIDBOXES you get to concentrate on what's most important: your business.
High-performance WordPress hosting
High-performance servers for WordPress agencies, freelancers, WooCommerce shops, magazines, publishers, blogs and SMEs.
WordPress tools for professionals
WordPress templates, 1 click Staging, integrated backups, template feature, automatic caching and much more!
Highest safety standards
We make sure that your sites is protected from hacking attacks and monitor it 24/7 for you.
Green WordPress hosting
Our WordPress hosting is guaranteed to run on 100% renewable hydropower. We only offer TÜV certified data centers with genuine certification.
Free of charge WordPress migration
We can move your WordPress website(s) for you free of charge within two working days - if you'd like us to.
WordPress agency plans
WordPress hosting for your projects needs to be simple, fast and timesaving! You get all this with RAIDBOXES plus a commission of up to €1,500 for new customers

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