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What the community is all about

We believe that great things can happen when people talk to each other, network with each other and share their resources. That's why we created our Slack Group for WordPress professionals. Because as a community we can support each other, learn from each other and grow together.

As a popular collaboration tool, Slack provides the perfect space to make contacts, discuss in real time and share interesting content. Anyone who works professionally with WordPress Slack can join in and benefit!

Whether you are a designer, freelancer, internet entrepreneur, shop owner or online marketer - in the RAIDBOXES Slack WordPress Community you can discuss the latest trends, ask for advice, discover new resources, find motivation and share your experience.

The more actively you use the community, the more you will benefit from it:

Meet new community members in the #introduction round channel
Share your goals in the #goals of the week channel and get motivation from the community
Show your current projects and get tips and feedback in the channel #ourwork
Start discussions in topic channels like #webdesign #dev-channel, #business, #marketing or #wphosting

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