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Server load, RAM usage, traffic, and memory. See all this and more for your WordPress site in your BOX status. Included in all our plans!


The status of your website at a glance

The BOX status gives you a practical overview of the processes currently running on your WordPress site and the utilization over the last 24 hours. You can see, for example, if and when your server is overloaded or when you're using too much RAM.

Let's take CPU load as an example: On the y-axis (the vertical axis) the CPU load is shown in percent. The x-axis (the horizontal axis) shows the course of time. The orange line marks the 100% load limit and the red line the 200% load limit at any given time. The blue graph shows the actual CPU load.

You can find out how to correctly interpret "CPU load" in our article on the topic. The number of vCores in your BOX depends on the plan you have. A STARTER BOX, for example, has one vCore and a PRO XL BOX has four.

My site is overloaded, what can I do?

If your site is overloaded, i.e. shows a CPU load of well over 100% over a long period of time, then errors and failures may occur on your site. It's important to understand here that your site being overloaded isn't the real problem at hand, it's just a symptom of another issue. This is could be, for example, too much traffic.

So if your site is overloaded, you need to start looking for the real problem straight away. Typical issues include:

  • high traffic (can be analyzed via the access log)
  • a lot of traffic from undesired bots (can be analyzed via the access log)
  • a large task being carried out on the BOX, e.g. exporting data
  • hanging cron jobs

Thanks to the website status, you always have an eye on the health of your website and can immediately start finding the root cause should any problem occur. Our support will be happy to help you too.

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Everything under control - WordPress website status

In your BOX status, you have the following information and data right in front of you.

CPU load

This value indicates whether your site is currently overloaded. You can then use your BOX logs to determine exactly what's causing the overload.

RAM usage

The RAM usage shows you the current memory usage of your vServer. This value is also an important indicator when your site is overloaded.

WordPress cron jobs

The website status also gives you an overview of your site's cron jobs. If a cron job is hanging, you can delete it directly via the BOX status.

Change log

The change log shows you all server-side changes that have been made on your WordPress site up to now.

Log files

The BOX status gives you access to all your site's logs: the error log, the debug log and the access log. These are important for debugging errors or problems on your site.

WordPress version

The website status shows you which WordPress version your BOX is running on. You can also fix the WordPress version here to prevent automatic WP updates.

SSD storage space

See how much of your BOX storage space you've used in your BOX status. For more details about memory usage, we recommend our plugin Disk Usage Sunburst..

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Your built-in website status

BOX status is now included in every plan as standard.

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