Automatic WordPress backups without a plugin

WordPress backup plugins are a thing of the past. Free WordPress backups are included in all our WordPress hosting plans and stored on secure GDPR compliant servers.

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Why a WordPress backup from RAIDBOXES®?

Configuring WordPress backup plugins can be a real slog. First of all, you have to pick one from hundreds of different tools. Then comes the configuration. And, finally, you still need to manage your backups and restore points.

At RAIDBOXES we've have made it our mission - under the motto Be free and wild and creative! - to free WordPress professionals from all your tiresome tasks. So you can concentrate on your passion and the tasks you need to complete. And this mission definitely includes regular WordPress backups. As part of our managed WordPress hosting, we've included a perfectly set up and performant WordPress backup system in every plan .

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Your WordPress backups automated and without a backup plugin.

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Benefits in detail 

All your advantages with the RAIDBOXES® backup system.

Complete backups

We not only backup the database, but your complete website. Depending on your hosting plan, your backups are stored for between seven and 30 days. You have full access to all your restore points at any time.

Malware protection

WordPress is a popular target for hackers. Our automated backup system allows you to restore a clean backup, quickly and easily with a single click. There has never been a faster way of telling malware and hackers to scram.

Daily automated backups

Every night we complete a fully automated backup of your WordPress websites. For you, this means more time for the really important stuff and the reassurance that there's always an up-to-date backup ready if you need it.

Clone a website

Want to start a new WordPress project? Simply clone a new BOX from a backup. This way you can create individual templates which are specifically designed for your individual workflow.

1-click backup restoration

If anything ever goes wrong, you can easily restore a backup of your website with a single click. Completely free of charge, within seconds and without having to contact support.

Manual Backups

Got a big update or redesign coming up? You can create a manual backup of your website at any time. These backups won’t be deleted and are also great as design templates.

Download backups

Want to play it extra safe and secure a version of your WP website locally too? Easy! From the STARTER you can also download every backup you create.

GDPR Data Protection & Server Location Europe
We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and guarantee exclusively server locations in Europe with ISO 27001 certification.

Free WordPress backups

Fully automated. Super secure. Always free.

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More storage space

Backups take up a lot of storage space. At RAIDBOXES your backups are stored on an independent server in Europe, not on your WordPress installation.

More performance

Every additional plugin slows down your website. Our WordPress backup system saves you a lot of code and you'll have more processing power available.

Free forever

The free versions of many backup plugins are very limited when it comes to storage space and features. Our backups and all features will always be free.

Always up to date

Every backup plugin needs to be updated at some point. You don't need to do this anymore - we never stop updating and enhancing our integrated WordPress backup system.

Crisis proof

Even when you can't log in to your WordPress anymore, you can still restore your website with a simple click. No rummaging for a backup.

Fully automated

Our backup system runs fully automated, every night, no matter how many WordPress projects you manage. You don't need to set up or maintain any plugin.

Green WordPress hosting that plants trees for you
We plant a tree for every WordPress site you host with us. Our data centers and our offices run on 100% certified green electricity from hydropower.

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