WordPress staging with just one click

WordPress staging allows you to make changes to your WordPress site in a realistic server environment before you implement them on your live site.

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Staging – a new dimension of WordPress

With our WordPress staging you can test changes on a copy of your site in a realistic server environment. Without the risk of causing any damage to your active WordPress site. When you're satisfied with the results, just transfer the adjustments to your live site. Whether you want to try a new theme, make graphical changes or you would like to test a plugin - thanks to staging you are always on the safe side with all tests and adjustments.


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Further advantages

Further advantages with our 1-click WordPress Staging.

WordPress staging with just one click

By using staging you no longer have to waste time on copying important design or function modifications from one WordPress site to the other anymore. With a single click you can create your staging environment – and push all your modifications from the test to the live website with just another click.

Intelligent merging

Merely want to try out a new plugin without changing the whole website in the process? No problem. It’s entirely up to you which exact parts of your website shall be copied into the live environment. This way you can customize the staging process entirely according to your personal needs.

WordPress updates at zero risk

It can be a nerve-wracking matter: in the worst scenario, WordPress theme and plugin updates can render your whole website unusable. With our staging feature this can no longer happen! You can thoroughly test all modifications beforehand in a realistic development environment and only put those one that actually do work onto your live site.

Try out new features and designs

Aside from new features, new plugins also bring more risks for your WordPress project. By using staging you can check whether the new feature fits into your website seamlessly. This way you can integrate new features without fearing insecurities or downtime and perfect your WordPress projects step by step.

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