FREE DEV Program

You develop WordPress websites for your clients? Host them with our FREE DEV Program at no charge and receive up till €1500 commission for each newly recruited customer at RAIDBOXES!

Contact us now Our Classic Affiliate Program

1. Free WordPress hosting

Contact us now and we’ll activate your developer account! This enables you to develop unlimited WordPress projects parallely for 3 months entirely free of charge!

2. Easy-peasy contract transfer

As soon as your client’s project is ready to go online, you simply enter your client’s email address in our user interface. After successful transfer you will receive your reward!

3. Earn premium rewards

From now on, you can sit back and relax. You don’t need to write any invoices anymore, but you can still provide customer service as admin. We take care of the rest for you.

Wir sind mit RAIDBOXES äußerst zufrieden. Der Support ist ebenso erstklassig wie die Server! Wir werden in Zukunft alle Kunden bei RAIDBOXES hosten!
Robbie Bouschery
Mit RAIDBOXES haben wir endlich einen WordPress-Hoster gefunden, der unsere Bedürfnisse mit mehreren und oft wechselnden Webseiten komplett abdeckt.
Christos Papadopoulos
Als WordPress-Hoster definitiv auf dem Vormarsch. RAIDBOXES liefert genau die Dinge, die sich WordPress-Agenturen schon seit Jahren wünschen.
Matthias Warda
Wir sind bei RAIDBOXES und das System gefällt uns richtig gut, inklusive schneller Reaktionszeiten im Support. So macht WordPress besonders viel Spaß!

Attractive Reward Program

Receive high rewards as soon as you recruit your first customer and increase your earnings by 70 %.

Ab einem geworbenem Neukunden
Ab 15 geworbenen Neukunden
Ab 25 geworbenen Neukunden
Provision pro Neukunde
3 x
4 x
5 x
Geworbener BOX-Tarif
MINI 9 €
PRO 50 €
PRO XL 100 €
Vergütung in Zahlen
27 €
45 €
90 €
150 €
300 €
450 €
600 €
900 €
Vergütung in Zahlen
36 €
60 €
120 €
200 €
400 €
500 €
800 €
1200 €
Vergütung in Zahlen
45 €
75 €
150 €
250 €
500 €
750 €
1000 €
1500 €
Nach diesem Zeitraum erfolgt die Auszahlung
3 Monate 4 Monate 5 Monate
Attractive rewards

We are very grateful for your recommendation! Therefore we have designed one of the best affiliate programs in the world. Only few providers pay higher rewards. You receive up till €1500 for a single sucessful customer referral.

Monthly payout possible

In contrast to our competitors, our clients can terminate their contracts on a monthly basis. This is why you’ll receive your reward as soon as the recruited customer has paid for three months. In the highest tier of our referral program though, you already receive your reward after one month only.

Bonus reward for multiple recommendations

The more customers you recruit, the higher your rewards. As soon as you successfully refer 15 clients to us, you’ll get a bonus payment of €150. For over 25 customer referrals you’ll get an extra €250. Our program is therefore especially cut out for larger agencies and professional affiliates.

Say hello to your new team

Learn more about our FREE DEV Program via chat or email. Or just give us a call, free and without any obligations.

Torben Simon Meier
Johannes Benz
Matthias Held
Ariane Rowe
Leefke Krönke
Michael Firnkes
Tobias Schüring
Jan Hornung
Tino Werner
Jeffrey Eul
Jakob Bennemann

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