WebPagetest Power Features

Let us show you the unknown features of WebPagetest.org and how you and your clients can profit even more of website performance analysis!

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How you can make the most of WebPagetest

Our session from WordCamp Cologne 2017 introduces you to the rather unknown features of  WebPagetest which may enrich your development process as well as your customer communication.

Particularly if you work on customer’s behalf or optimize your own projects on a regular basis, it is extremely important to know how quickly your websites load. For the (perceived) page load time determines to a great deal how your page visitors will behave.

The faster a website loads, the less likely the visitor leaves. Thus lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates which lead to more sales revenues.

Since performance optimization is hard work, it is all the more important for you to get the right insights. This is where the WebPagetest power features step in, which we presented on WordCamp Cologne 2017.

On our free slides we show you :

  1. Which variables are also important aside your page load time
  2. What exactly ‘perceived loading time’ is
  3. How to interpret and apply a waterfall chart correctly
  4. How to enrich your customer communication with the advanced features of WebPagetest

You can view the whole session on WordPress.tv or visit our YouTube channel for it.

WebPagetest Power Features

Make the most of your analysis by using the power features of WebPagetest and improve your development and customer communication!

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