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Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. Free and easy 1-click installation.

Enhanced security

SSL certificates provide security and create trust – the padlock in the address bar simply gives you a good feeling. We’ve made it the default setting of your WordPress websites using the free SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt.

Higher performance

We rely on the optimized HTTP/2 for SSL. This speeds up the load time for your WordPress pages significantly, achieved by compression, improved data transmission and server push.

Higher ranking

Search engines such as Google display a warning in their search results for websites running without SSL encryptions. Therefore not only will https:// protect your website against risks, but it will improve your rank in the search results, too.

One click for SSL

With RAIDBOXES installing and managing your SSL certificates has never been easier. With a single push of a button you are able to activate or deactivate the feature.

Build customer trust

By using SSL certificates you fight actively against internet abuse. The result: Gain higher trust of your customers and thus earn more revenues.

Worldwide compatible

The SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt are supported by all commonly used internet browsers, e.g. Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

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More Benefits

Our free SSL provides you with allround protection at minimum effort.

Automatic renewal

SSL certificates are only valid for a certain period of time. With us your Let’s Encrypt certificates will renew themselves fully automatically.

Free encryption

By using RAIDBOXES you indirectly support the worldwide initiative of Let’s Encrypt for making the internet a safer, faster and fairer place.

A+ rating by SSL Labs

The certificates running on our server configurations are rated A+, tested independently by SSL Labs. The best grading possible.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

Every single SSL session is secured additionally by a unique encryption key. It is impossible to decrypt any data subsequently.

Up-tp-date technologies

We use the latest best practice technologies for SSL encryption purposes, e.g. TLS 1.2, OCSP Stapling, HSTS and ALPN.

Secure algorithms

We support no less than the latest encryption algorithms like AES-128/256-GCM. Insecure algorithms, e.g. RC4, are deactivated by us.

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