Empower your WordPress website with free SSL certificates

HTTPS makes your WordPress projects safer, faster and easier to find!

  • Secure personal data

    A free Let’s Encrypt certificate encrypts all communication between your webserver and a user’s browser.

  • Boost your performance

    SSL makes your website use the HTTP/2 protocol. This will boost your website’s performance.

  • Elevate your page rank

    Google loves HTTPS. With a certificate your website will perform better in organic search results.

  • 1-Click encryption

    At RAIDBOXES everyone can order Let’s Encrypt certificates. One click, that’s all it takes to set up your site’s encryption.

  • Deepen your customers’ trust

    With an SSL certificate you protect your customers’ personal data. They will acknowledge your efforts to prevent privacy violation.

  • Global compatibility

    All common browsers do accept Let’s Encrypt certificates. This makes your website safe and fast for users worldwide.

Order your certificate now

Test your website’s performance with a free Let’s Encrypt certificate. 

Free SSL Certificates

Test your website’s performance on a server dedicated to WordPress and with a free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt.


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