Good WordPress hosting is convenient, fast and secure

We are passionate about the work, ideas and needs of WordPress professionals. This is why we founded RAIDBOXES. Our fully managed WordPress hosting allows you to focus on what really matters: your business.

Top-notch hosting for WordPress professionals

Since we started out with an agency business ourselves, we know what professional WordPress users need to be truly productive. That’s why our top priority is to manage your hosting for you and make your WordPress websites as fast and secure as possible.

More time for the important work

Taking care of your updates and searching and configuring plugins is a real pain in day-to-day-business. At RAIDBOXES we got your back and handle the bothersome work for you. We do not only keep your WordPress, themes and plugins up to date, but also save you a lot of plugins thanks to server-sided caching, autobackups and a developer sandbox.

Boost your page speed by 80 % on average

After migrating to our servers, our clients’ websites are 80 percent faster on average. And it’s not uncommon that websites double, triple or quadruple their pagespeed on our servers. A faster website not only improves your users’ online experience but also boosts your conversion rates and Google ranking.

Secure and lean websites

Every plugin, every theme and every new functionality makes your website slower and potentially insecure. RAIDBOXES helps you to efficiently reduce the number of plugins your websites need and also protects you against the most dangerous WordPress vulnerabilities.

All our features at a glance

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  • Save time

    From our experience as a startup and internet agency, we know only too well that time is the most important resource for creatives. And thanks to our comprehensive hosting service you’ll have more time than ever before to focus on what’s really important: Optimizing your shops, developing new websites and creating exciting content.

    And this is how it works:

    Within seconds you create a new website including SSL, caching, a fully operational backup system and developer tools

    Caching, HTML compression, HTTP/2 and PHP7 make your websites blazing fast by default, minimizing optimization effort

    We take care of every update for your websites

    You don’t need to search for and set up inconvenient plugins for caching, backup or security anymore

    Thanks to our WordPress staging and template feature, you will become more productive

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  • Make your websites up to 4x faster

    Time is money. This is especially true for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Reducing your page load time will improve user experience as well as your Google ranking position. Websites at RAIDBOXES run 80 percent faster on average than with other hosting companies. And some of them even double, triple or quadruple their page speed.

    And this is how it works:

    Our server-sided caching is faster than most caching plugins

    Nginx servers, PHP 7 and HTTP/2 boost your WordPress performance

    We use the latest compressions standard, Brotli

    Your websites runs on high-speed SSD drives only

    Our Frankfurt-based servers allow excellent response times

All our features at a glance

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  • Make your websites leaner and more secure

    Every additional Plugin and Theme slows down your websites and poses a potential security risk. At RAIDBOXES we replace plugins with server-sided features which will ultimately make your websites less vulnerable and faster at the same time. And we will of course make sure your WordPress, plugins and themes are always up to date.

    We protect your websites against the biggest WordPress threats:

    All known vulnerabilities will immediately be fixed thanks to fully managed core, plugin and theme updates.

    Thanks to our integrated login-protection, brute force attacks won’t stand a chance

    Free HTTPS is only one click away

    Our WordPress backup system always keeps an up to date version of your websites at hand

    If worst comes to worst, just restore the latest backup with one click


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