WordCamp Nederland 2016 Recap

WordCamp Nederland 2016: Resources, Pictures, and Impressions

No WordCamp without recaps, slide sharing, and blogging. We collected all the content about WordCamp Nederland 2016 we could find and put together an overview of all the opinions, resources, and impressions.

The closing remarks do not at all mark the end of a WordCamp. That is also true for WordCamp Nederland 2016. Afterwards there is so much content to be published. From blog posts reviewing the location, the event as a whole, and of course the sessions, to the session videos on wordpress.tv. We collected all the content we could find and created a short overview. If you know any resources, articles, pics or anything else that is notable, just post a comment below this article.

First Session Videos are Online

A few days ago the first session videos aired on wordpress.tv. Check them out and enjoy the WordPress input.

Sessions put into Blog Posts

Luckily some authors do not only upload their slides to slideshare, but do enrich their talks with additional info.

Just like Francesca Marano did. She took her session about multi-author blogging and put it into a blog post. Francesca writes about tips, tricks, and tools with which you can organize an editorial team of up to 60 people.

Slides and Speaker Notes

Alain Schlesser published his presentation slides yesterday. You find “The Secret Sauce for Writing Reusable Code” on slideshare.

Jaime Martinez published his WordCamp Nederland 2016 slides on enhancing WordPress development with Twig and Clarkson on slideshare too.

Taeke Reijenga, owner of a WordPress agency in the Netherlands, presented the case study of autotaalglas. His slides too were uploaded to slideshare.net.

John Blackbourne, aka @johnbillion, published his session “An Introduction to Character Encoding” on speakerdeck a few days ago. John also has a few interesting videos on wordpress.tv.

Tom Hermans uploaded his awesome Stranger Things-slides and comments on his session to his personal website.

And last but not least Joeren van Dijk and Hristo Pandjarov uploaded their sessions to their personal website and slideshare. Hristo’s session is called “Fast is Better. And Also Cheaper, And More Scaleable” and is illustrated with some neat Star Wars slides. Jeroen’s slides show you how to better understand and hack WordPress REST API.

Photo Documentation on flickr

@punkmedia, aka Henk-Jan Winkeldermaat, documented all of WordCamp Nederland 2016 in gorgeous high-res pictures. Make sure to check out his flickr albums.

The Dutch Resources

Ok, we admit it: Since Tobias, our Dutch-speaking sysadmin, is still sick we could not review all the great Dutch resources. Nonetheless we want to list them below:

Feel free to post any resources to other WordCamp Nederland topics as a comment below 🙂

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