Free GDPR Guide for WP Agencies, Freelancers & Website Owners

With this free e-book we would like to assist WordPress agencies, WP freelancers, WordPress webmasters and WooCommerce shop operators to get ready for the most important contents of the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) right on time.

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A Time-Saving Shortcut to GDPR Compliance

Hands-on case examples for visitor tracking, email marketing and the most popular WordPress plugins.

What is GDPR and what does it mean for me?

The General Data Protection Regulation concerns everyone who processes personal data. We show you exactly what to look out for.

The eight fundamental principles of GDPR

Concrete case examples for WordPress agencies, freelancers, WooCommerce shop and website owners. We also explain what is behind the fundamental principles of GDPR.

Your obligations as a website owner

Persons affected must be able to retrace the processing of their personal data. This is why it is key to make your privacy policy easily understandable.

The rights of your customers and website visitors

GDPR identifies six conditions for lawful processing of personal data of your visitors and customers.

What to put on your to-do list

We have put together the most important tasks and resources, so you can work along a list in a fast and structured manner.

GDPR Checklist

Finally, we provide you with your personal GDPR checklist which you can tick off quickly – so you can enjoy the finer things in life again as soon as possible.

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EU GDPR data protection & server location Germany
We comply fully with the standards of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and guarantee safe servers which are exclusively located in Germany and have ISO 27001 certification.

GDPR & WordPress: Technical measures you should implement now

No need for pressing the panic button. We offer you an overview of the important issues around GDPR which we consider technically reasonable.

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Free GDPR Guide for WP Agencies, Freelancers & Website Owners

In our free guide you can find concrete tasks and a checklist to get your WordPress business ready for legal compliance with GDPR.

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