Cooperation instead of competition: Moving forward with common goals

An important part of any marketing strategy is to identify your competitors. This is the only way to find out how your company can be uniquely positioned in the marketplace - and how you can improve your products and services. In our capitalistic world, many profit-driven companies have developed strategies to beat the competition out of fear. The ... read more

Become a freelancer step by step

Freelancers are very popular with companies and agencies. But which concrete steps are necessary for your start into financial independence? In this article, I will show you how you can become successful as a freelancer. What are freelancers? Freelancers are freelance service providers whose employment is based on freelance work and flexible money-making. In contrast to employees, freelancers ... read more

6 Sustainable Companies Share Their Success Stories

What does it take to be a successful sustainable business? We wanted to know and asked ethical brands in different industries around the world about their success stories. From social entrepreneurship to making sustainable products that people consciously want to buy: These brands have found unique and inspiring ways to make the world ... read more

WordPress Management: efficiently manage 5 to 100+ projects

No matter if you manage 5, 50 or 500 WordPress projects, and no matter if you do this for yourself or for a client: the administrative processes quickly take up a large part of your working time. We show you how you can centralise your WordPress management to speed up your processes considerably. Administrative work with WordPress costs you ... read more

Project management tools for agencies: Asana, Trello, Slack, Zapier & Co.

With the right project management tools, you can improve your communication in the team, create project documentation, avoid duplication of work, monitor your schedule and, above all, save a lot of time. We introduce you to the most important tools. Project management tools minimise redundant, manual tasks. With them, you don't get lost in endless conversations via email, from which ... read more

Project Management for Agencies: The Right Workflow for More Efficiency

For you, working with multiple client projects means being adaptable and communicative at all times. How do workflows help you keep an overview? And how can your project management become more flexible? Our best tips for agencies and freelancers. In today's global market, customer service that lives up to the attributes "flexible" and "communicative" is a top priority. ... read more

Project Management for Agencies: Plan WordPress Projects with Purpose

You want to plan your projects better and complete them on time? The right project management determines whether your customers are satisfied with you. And whether they continue to commission you. We show you which strategies and tools can help. The events of recent times - with Corona and the rise of the home office - have taught us one thing above all ... read more

Customer Acquisition for Agencies and Freelancers: Customer Relationship Management

Through better customer relations or customer relationship management (CRM), you can not only increase your sales. Your team and your customers will be more satisfied in the long run. Our article shows you how good customer relations work. And how you can make your marketing even more efficient. This article is the fourth and last part of our series on customer acquisition. In order to ... read more

Customer Projects with WordPress: From Planning to Positioning

Agencies and freelancers for WordPress are confronted with a wide variety of issues: From performance to positioning to SEO and social media. 9 questions for our agency partner Sven Jagata from Kreative Kommunikation: How does he deal with such demands? And what are his best tips for clean project planning? Infrastructure for WordPress hosting Sven, you ... read more