High-performance WordPress Hosting

Every single one of your websites gets its very own virtual server. No sharing, no compromises in performance.

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Managed WordPress Hosting means less work for you

We take care of your WordPress websites, update them and keep them secure.

  • Update service for WordPress plugins and themes

    Our Fully Managed plan means no more update troubles for you. We will keep your theme and plugins up to date.

  • Default brute force protection

    Every RAIDBOXES WordPress website has a brute force protection installed.

  • Dedicated vServers for every website

    All Starter and Full Managed BOXES run on their very own virtual server. Other users’ activities will have no effect on your website’s stability, security or speed.

  • Automated WordPress updates

    With RAIDBOXES you won`t have to worry about core or security updates. We update all of our websites regularly.

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One dedicated dashboard for all of your WordPress websites

Migrate, activate and configure BOXES with only a few clicks.

  • Clear your cache

    You can clear the cache of all of your websites with just one click from your dashboard.

  • Clone your WordPress

    Create an identical twin of one of your WordPress backups really fast.

  • Database access

    Get direct access to your WordPress database via the dashboard.

  • Immediate SFTP access

    Administer your website via SFTP and manage your access settings.

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Boost your productivity with our WordPress Hosting tools

The RAIDBOXES dashboard has a toolkit to make hosting as easy as never before.

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