Borlabs Cookie: tutorial for the cookie banner WordPress plugin

Although GDPR has been around for a long time, many people still find it difficult to implement it. And the e-privacy regulation based on it makes the situation even worse. For WordPress, there are some very useful plugins that help you comply. One of them - the WordPress plugin Borlabs Cookie - I present to you ... read more

Modern AI software: More success through ChatGPT, DeepL and co.

With modern AI software, communication and interactions between people and machines can be optimized. So far, so understandable - but why is there such hype about it at the moment? It's mainly because of ChatGPT, the AI text generator that has been causing a stir since late 2022. Learn more here about the different types of AI software that ... read more

Successful Facebook marketing in a few steps

With nearly 2 billion people using Facebook every day, it's very likely that a large portion of your target audience belongs to this group. So if you're not using this platform to support your marketing strategy, you're missing out on many opportunities to connect with your target audience. If you're already using Facebook marketing, but not getting the results you'd hoped for, ... read more

Quick Guide to Adding Facebook Pixel to WordPress

According to a study by W3Techs, over 11.0% of all existing websites use Facebook Pixel to analyze and track their audience. This number continues to rise, and for good reason. Facebook Pixel is a powerful tool that helps you grow your business and increase conversion rates. It also has other benefits, like ... read more

Determine Content ROI: Is your content marketing worth it?

How do you find out if your content activities are literally paying off? In content marketing in particular, the answer to this question is unfortunately not as easy to find as you might hope. But don't worry: it's not impossible either. In this article, I'll show you how to calculate the value of your content. Content ... read more

Evergreen Content: More Marketing with Less Effort

Evergreen content is designed from the outset to have the longest possible minimum shelf life. It brings new visitors to your site again and again over months or even years without you having to constantly update it. In this article, I'll explain how to find and implement such topics. Why is evergreen content a good ... read more

Matomo Analytics for WordPress - the web analytics plugin in check

The topic of web analytics is not an easy one, especially for smaller companies. Nevertheless, the detailed collection and analysis of data is of increasing importance. Matomo for WordPress promises to be a full-fledged analytics suite in the WordPress backend. How well does it really work? And can this plugin be a replacement for Google Analytics and Co. When choosing ... read more

Customer Journey Mapping: How to Optimize your Website, Content and Products

With customer journey mapping, you understand even better than before who belongs to your clientele, what drives them and how they experience their "journey" as customers. In turn, you can use this to improve your content or even your offers and products. In this article, I'll explain in more detail what a customer journey map ... read more

New e-book: Social Media for Agencies & Freelancers

Your content will only be recommended to others if you use the right networks and have the right social media strategy. But how do you find the best methods and tools for your target group? Our new e-book Social Media for Agencies and Freelancers - written by Jan Tissler - guides you step by step to more visibility. ... read more