Raidboxes Pricing 2023

New Prices and Benefits at Raidboxes

2022 was alsoan eventful year for Raidboxes. We're the first hosting company to be Common Good Balanced and push the topic of sustainability further. At the same time, we're expanding our team to continue to offer you the best managed WordPress hosting and the best support by far.

We are all affected by general price increases, including Raidboxes. What does that mean for you? And how can you still benefit from more service? Our overview.

Why new prices?

Unfortunately, the hosting industry is directly affected by rising energy costs and higher hardware prices. At Raidboxes, your website servers run continuously on electricity from renewable sources. But the shortage of processors, as well as IP addresses, has led to further increases in the prices of our infrastructure partners. After a price increase in 2021, they have now increased their prices again, by 10 to 50 percent.

In addition, we have always seen it as our responsibility to pay our employees fair salaries - "wage dumping", unfair employment contracts or outsourcing work to third countries are out of the question for us. We stand by our values, even if they mean additional financial outlay.

Raidboxes Team 2022
Raidboxes is committed to its team

In order to be able to continue to offer you the quality and performance you are accustomed to, as well as optimum support, we will therefore also have to adjust some of our prices, effective February 27, 2023 (new contracts) and March 1, 2023 (existing contracts).

The prices at a glance

Here is an overview of our new pricing structure for single and tiered pricing plans. The pricing applies to new contracts from 27.02.23 and to existing contracts from 01.03.23. Prices for mails and domains remain unchanged.

Benefits for Raidboxes Partners

Our tip for agencies and freelancers: As a Raidboxes Partner, you can benefit from discounts on the plans listed below. Start now as a Raidboxes partner and receive attractive benefits. Contact us at any time and let us advise you.

Prices for single and tiered plans 

plansbefore 27.02.2023 old prices per Boxfrom 27.02.2023 new prices per Box
Mini12,00 €15,00 €
Starterfrom 1 Box: €18
from 5 Boxes: €15
from 10 Boxes: €12
from 20 Boxes: €11
from 1 Box: €20
from 5 Boxes: €16
from 10 Boxes: €13
from 20 Boxes: €12
Fully Managed30,00 €35,00 €
Pro55,00 €60,00 €
Pro XL110,00 €120,00 €
Business165,00 €180,00 €
Business XL220,00 €240,00 €
Business XXL330,00 €360,00 €
Enterprise700,00 €700,00 €
Enterprise XL950,00 €950,00 €
Prices are aimed at business customers. All prices plus 19% VAT.

Additional benefits in all plans

To mitigate the necessary price adjustments mentioned below, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free memory expansion in all plans, can be activated via support.
  • Staging permanently free of charge in all plans.
  • Inexpensive upgrade from Starter plan to Fully Managed possible, also switchable via Support.
  • Fully Managed with new Power-Up function from 01.03.2023: Your website needs more power? No problem. You can get a free upgrade via support, up to double the power.
  • Starting with Pro plan, the Fully Managed add-on can be activated free of charge via Dashboard and is automatically included.

Do you have questions about the individual additional services and how they support you in your work? Then contact our support team at any time.

Your feedback is requested

We at Raidboxes are a strong team, but we only grow together with you. That's why your opinion matters as we want to learn more about you and your needs.

We are aware that some of our customers are currently facing major challenges in view of the current economic situation. This makes it all the more difficult for us to have to pass on the increased costs ourselves.

Our offer stands: Contact us any time. Together we will find a way to continue to give you the freedom you need for your projects with WordPress and WooCommerce with our managed hosting and top support.

Your questions about our plans and services

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