New Prices and Benefits at Raidboxes

2022 was also an eventful year for Raidboxes. As the first host, we're Common Good Balanced and push the topic of sustainability further. At the same time, we're expanding our team to continue to offer you the best managed WordPress hosting and support by far. We're all affected by the general price increases, including Raidboxes. ... read more

The Raidboxes Year in Review 2022

2022 was an eventful year for all of us. We are all the more pleased about how our team has developed, also internationally. What was this year, what's coming in 2023? How can we help minimize the uncertainty that some WordPress agencies and freelancers are facing? And what do we wish for the ... read more

Harambee! Raidboxes and – Even Stronger Together

The word "Harambee" is Swahili and means something like "together" or "pulling together". In this sense, Raidboxes is now becoming part of, and thus a "big player" in the European WordPress hosting market. I keep reminding myself of Harambee, because it puts into words exactly what we ... read more

The New Raidboxes Brand Identity - Mature with a Creative Soul

Full of joy and with a certain amount of tension about your feedback, we are presenting our new brand identity to you today. A new design for Raidboxes with the same core and values as before. If you're reading this article, you've probably already noticed our new logo, colours and graphic elements. Here ... read more

The Raidboxes Year in Review 2021

Our conclusion for 2021: Change! A lot has happened at Raidboxes in the last twelve months: New office, many new and wonderful staff members and our relaunch is still to come at the beginning of the coming year. We have grown - a lot. This has triggered profound changes in the team and in the company. We want to share with you, our ... read more

New at Raidboxes: CTO Thomas Goik

We live Managed WordPress Hosting 100 percent. The Dashboard of Raidboxes shall remain number 1 in the future - this is ensured by our Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Thomas Goik among others. Learn more about his diverse work and about our team. The product development of Raidboxes Thomas, you are new on board as CTO. ... read more

New at Raidboxes: Maik in Product Development and Support

We are proud of our Managed WordPress Hosting, especially our features. The Dashboard from Raidboxes takes a lot of work off your shoulders. Maik supports our product development and 3rd level support to keep it that way. You can learn more about his work at Raidboxes in our interview. Tasks in 3rd Level Support Maik, which ... read more

New at Raidboxes: UX Engineer Thomas

Our Dashboard is the central tool for managing the Boxesof our clients. That's why we are constantly working to improve and optimise it. That's why we welcome Raidboxes the very first UX Engineer in our team, who develops new features for our customers. Find out more about Thomas' job in the interview. Hello Thomas, you are Raidboxes 's first UX designer, what ... readmore

Review Signal Report 2021: Building on Our Success from Last Year

We scored very highly in all three categories of this year's Review Signal WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks. We're happy to share these results with you (and, maybe brag a little too)! Last year was the first year we participated in the scoring with Raidboxes and were pleased with the results ... read more