Local SEO for WordPress Agencies

Proximity to the web design agency in charge is still an argument that trumps all others in medium-sized businesses. How to use Google to attract customers from your area to your web design agency. In a field where many of your competitors know the importance of high local search engine visibility, good SEO advice is expensive. The possibilities for ... read more

SEA Campaigns with Google Ads: How Search Engine Advertising Works

Search Engine Advertising (SEA), search engine advertising, keyword advertising... No matter what you call them, ads on Google & Co. are an important building block for your online marketing. But for many SEA is a book with seven seals. Sascha Humpel from our agency partner Potential2 tells you more about how to get started successfully. Google Ads: Tracking and ... readmore

Progressive Web App with WordPress: Advantages and disadvantages

Our agency partner giftGRÜN used WordPress to build a Progressive Web App (PWA) for the University Hospital RWTH Aachen, which supports the onboarding of new employees. We spoke with Patrick Heinker about the advantages and disadvantages of PWAs versus websites and native apps. How a Progressive Web App works Patrick, how exactly does a PWA work and what does it look like?

Local online marketing against the crisis #supportyourlocals

Corona is a crisis for local traders, while platforms like Amazon are making big profits. This is also why we support the #supportyourlocals campaign with free hosting for portals that digitally connect local businesses. One example of this is the Rheinkreishelden. We spoke with initiator Alexander Rottels about the project. How did you come up with the idea of the Rheinkreishelden? ... read more

How to Implement a Performant WooCommerce Shop: Michel and Elbe

A WooCommerce shop with lots of pictures? And then also a migrationfor a new WordPress host? Not a very easy task. Our interview with designer Justyna Schmidt and photographer Andreas Schmidt-Wiethoff from the online shop michel und elbe shows how this can still be mastered. Including recommendations for the right plug-ins. You have a ... read more

Go-Digital: Funding for WordPress Projects

A website with WordPress or WooCommerce can be funded with up to 16,500 euros - as part of the go-digital programme. Which projects receive funding? And what are the requirements? 10 questions for Nils Hocke from our agency partner AgenturWebfox. Nils, who receives funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)? And what exactly is ... read more

How to Optimize Processes as a WordPress Agency

The same work steps over and over again - an annoying evil for agencies, even in WordPress development. How do others optimise their tasks? And what tools do they use? 10 questions for our client and agency partner Daan Bachmann from stark.marketing. Fast project start Daan, your WordPress agency manages numerous projects all over Germany. Which features from our WordPress ... read more

Phototravellers: How to build a successful blog

Launching a well-known travel blog and making a living from it - still a dream of many bloggers. But nowadays it is anything but easy to get started with a blog. Biggi and Flo from Phototravellers have made it. They tell us more about their recipe for success, the necessary requirements and blogging in times of crisis. Blogs and SEO Your travel blog ... readmore

Sustainability: What Can Agencies, Freelancers and Companies Really Do?

More and more freelancers and agencies want to work sustainably. But what does that actually mean? And which measures are best suited? Stephie Keilholz and Philipp Stakenborg from the agency Das Gute Ruft tell you more in our interview. As a creative agency for sustainable companies and projects, you want to set a good example. What are the most important levers ... readmore