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A website with WordPress or WooCommerce can be funded with up to 16,500 euros - within the framework of the programme go-digital. Which projects receive funding? And what are the requirements? 10 questions to Nils Hocke from our agency partner Agency Webfox.

Nils, who receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi)? And what exactly is the de minimis rule?

The websites can be supported with up to 16.500€, because we are accredited for module 2 "Digital market development" and module 3 "Digitalized business processes". These modules can be combined with each other.

Support is available to commercial enterprises (SMEs), including craft industries with technological potential. They must meet the following criteria:

  • Less than 100 employees (full-time equivalents)
  • in the year preceding the conclusion of the contract, an annual turnover or annual balance sheet total not exceeding EUR 20 million
  • Eligibility under the de minimis Regulation, read more
  • Permanent establishment or branch in Germany

See also the FAQ about go-digital on the sites of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The de minimis rule basically states that a company may not exceed the amount of 200,000 euros in subsidies in three fiscal years.

go-digital: funding for WordPress  projects
The info portal of go-digital

Analysis of the requirement

The whole thing sounds quite complex when it comes to making an application... What are your experiences, what are your chances of getting a grant? And how do you help with the application?

The application process is not as complex as one might think. Of course, you have to think in advance about the objectives of the project and the innovation benefit for the customer, but that's what we do anyway. Then you have to draw up a detailed project plan and sign a few documents, and that's it. 🙂 We need some input from the customer in terms of sales figures etc., but that's all it takes.

If we and the customer are not yet sure what we want to achieve with the funding, it is also possible to do a potential analysis at the beginning of the project. This may take a maximum of 2 consultant days, but this can be used, for example, to start with a requirements workshop, so that it is clearer to everyone involved what they want to achieve in the end.

So far, all our applications have gone through. Here and there, of course, there have been some queries, but really only very few. But we take over the application completely, so the customer does not have to worry about it.

What exactly can be promoted with it, do you have a few project examples from the WordPress world?

What exactly can theoretically be supported within the modules it says hereFor example, the development of a company-specific online marketing strategy or the establishment of a professional Internet presence for marketing purposes. But let me summarize some of our previous projects:

Customer 1 has been advising and supporting innovative companies and start-ups nationwide in the insurance sector for many years. The team creates and designs various insurance concepts and insurance products, which are specially tailored to the requirements of the event industry. In the past, they have developed their own online calculator for end customers to conclude temporary event insurance policies.

As a digitization project we were to introduce an online shop system and make our products available to customers via multiple channels in a targeted manner. The following goals were issued:

  • Development of an online marketing strategy for the digital distribution of industry-specific insurance solutions
  • Establishment of the necessary structure for efficient implementation of the strategy, including consideration of the current state of IT security
  • Creation of a new, contemporary corporate website with WordPress
  • Landingpage kit with WordPress
  • Integration of an online shop system for the distribution of insurance policies via multiple channels
  • Introduction of tracking/monitoring for the evaluation and assessment of marketing goals

Objectives and target groups

Customer 2 is also from the insurance industry. He is faced with the challenge that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the necessary time for customers to be adequately looked after. This is due to constantly increasing administrative and legal requirements. Therefore, the goal was to meet the constantly growing demands of the customers through a new brand identity and digitalized business processes. For example, in terms of faster and easier communication channels. This is where these goals were set:

  • New web design
  • Creation of a new, contemporary corporate website with WordPress
  • SEO optimization
  • Introduction of tracking/monitoring for the evaluation and assessment of marketing goals
  • Establishment of a "Service" area on the website, which allows customers to make claims handling processes, changes to master data or change notifications directly online
  • Creation of a blog to provide customers with up-to-date information at all times

Customer 3 comes from the event industry and needs a professional internet presence. Also a platform for the digitalization of educational projects for children and families, including the introduction of corresponding digital business processes. In the potential analysis we will work out the exact requirements with the customer in a workshop, in order to then start the implementation phase.

During the implementation phase, we devote ourselves primarily to the conception - both in terms of content and technology - in order to develop the optimal solution for the customer. The visual as well as the technical interaction between the website and the product platform is of particular importance to ensure that the visitors do not feel any break in their use. This is intended to increase trust in the platform, as visitors should ultimately also buy products.

More demand through Corona

What role does the current corona situation play here, do you feel an increased demand from small and medium-sized companies? And how do you deal with this?

The need for subsidies for small and medium-sized enterprises for projects related to digitisation has always been high, as for most of them this initially means an investment in something "new". The corona situation has of course reinforced this, as many business models and processes no longer function as they did before the pandemic. In addition, there are suddenly many different "subsidy offers" and it is easy to lose track.

We deal with this in a completely transparent manner and take our customers by the hand during the entire process. In addition, we have of course developed an understanding of which customers and what kind of projects can be supported at all. So we see a kind of consulting assignment with us. But we also have to be flexible to some extent, especially when it comes to payment, because you have to wait a bit for the money from the federal government.

There are numerous industries that have a lot of catching up to do in terms of online presence. What exactly does a consultation with you look like? How do you take the uncertainty out of the teams? And how do you determine what the actual need is so that you can plan ahead?

We will not find our own way into the digital future, but rather a common one. This is exactly what we keep in mind for ourselves and our customers. We know that the topic of digitalization causes uncertainty, especially among our customers. That is why we try to take them with us all the way. And we usually start right at the beginning, because customers often find it difficult to communicate their requirements correctly at all.

This means: We integrate the employees of our customers into our processes. They become part of the team and take an active role. That is why every project with us starts with a workshop or kick-off. In this workshop or kickoff, we look at the goals of our customers and their target groups, because there is usually already a different perception.

Ideally, we first try to offer a conception phase including requirements management in order to jointly define the exact scope. In this way we can then work out much more precisely what will be implemented. This of course also makes planning much easier and more transparent for us and the customer.

The website as a basis

How do you argue when the argument comes: "Facebook & Co. are enough for our marketing"?

It always depends on what the customer wants. And above all, which target groups he wants to address. If his target group is mainly on Facebook & Co. then that might be enough, but I doubt it. Basically we always try to look at the user first. Based on this we then make our recommendations for the right marketing mix. But we already think that an own website is essential. It is the digital home that can be operated independently of a platform.

You have some healthcare clients. What is your advice when outdated websites meet a strong increase in demand and a low budget at the same time?

You can also take your first steps with a small budget. The important thing is to define a goal together with the customer and then show the way to reach it. That might be a bit more effort in the beginning. But at the same time it makes it easier to define a roadmap, which you can then work on in small steps.

This MVP thought (minimum viable product) we always try to mediate, even if you have large budgets available. We want to take small steps as quickly as possible with the highest possible added value, build on this incrementally and always seek feedback from users. This is the best way to make sure that you don't miss the target in the end, especially if your budget is limited...

The right WordPress hosting

You are BUSINESS Partner of RAIDBOXES. What convinced you? And how has the cooperation been going so far?

We think very highly of a strong partner network. And there RAIDBOXES may not be missing from our view, straight because we are so convinced of the product. In the end the Total package of RAIDBOXES convinced. But above all the conversations with individual persons. We simply have the same idea of a strategic partnership - that was decisive for us. The fact that we were also able to Good for the climate doing rounds off the total package from our point of view.

What makes a good WordPress hosting for you?

Of course, first and foremost, everything must work technically, and it does. But what really convinced us are the simplicity and the services offered from A-Z. From the creation of a BOX, over the activation of a SSL certificate up to the support it is simply fun to work with RAIDBOXES . And you no longer need a server administrator 🙂

A few words to you and Agency Webfox?

As part of the management team I am responsible for the topics NewBiz and our partner network. I also look after the support programme go digital. The Agency Webfox is a full service digital agency consisting of 25 specialists. We have been working and living on the web for more than 20 years.

We share our passion and knowledge with our customers. We are digital natives with an understanding of medium-sized businesses and a wide range of perspectives - from experience with large brands and small companies. Big enough to handle complex medium-sized projects. And small enough to be there for our customers quickly and without bureaucracy.

Questions about go-digital

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