CO₂ optimized websites with WordPress and WooCommerce

Websites and online stores with WordPress that are CO₂ optimized? Our partner agency ecombee does just that. As a particularly sustainable web host, the topic of "green" WordPress is close to our hearts. That's why we asked Patrick Losert from ecombee how web projects can be planned more ecologically. Patrick, you design CO₂-optimized websites and online stores with WordPress. What are the central ... read more

Use of AI in digital agencies and B2B web design

WordPress web design is constantly undergoing technological changes, as are all areas of the agency world. How can a digital agency make the best use of AI technologies to ensure growth for clients, but also for the agency itself? A guest post from our partner agency vereda, including concrete examples and prompts. The simplified use of artificial intelligence (AI), with the help of chat ... read more

Planning WordPress Projects: From Requirement to Implementation

Complex WordPress projects can quickly become a challenge. After all, the customer's needs have to be "translated" into the development. We spoke with Ben Hutchison-Bird from our agency partner NINE Brackets about what matters when planning WordPress and WooCommerce . Communication as a central lever Ben, what is important to your customers on the way to a solution ... read more

Four-Day Work Week in Agencies: A Model for the Future?

The working time model of the 4-day week is currently being hotly debated and is part of the New Work movement. As the name suggests, the model involves distributing weekly working hours over four days instead of the familiar five. This involves either reducing the number of working hours or spreading them over four days. Since August 2021 ... read more

Recruiting Websites: The Right Structure for More Applications

The recruiting world has changed a lot in recent years. In the past, it was enough to publish job advertisements in the local newspaper, but today you have to take a much more differentiated approach in order to attract qualified employees. But what do good recruiting websites look like? We now live in an employee market. This means that good employees can nowadays find themselves almost ... read more

Green Marketing: Better Google Rankings and Competitive Advantages

Whether we call it Green Marketing, Ecomarketing or Sustainable Marketing - all three terms pursue the same goal: ecology-oriented planning and implementation of marketing activities. In this article, we dive deep into the world of Green Marketing and look at its benefits and challenges. At the outset, it is important to note that Green Marketing is not ... read more

How to Make Your Food Blog Successful

Our customers Anja & Matthias Würfl write an extremely successful food blog. How did they manage that? What can you learn from this for your blog project? And what should you keep in mind when it comes to SEO? Find out more in their guest article for wp unboxed. Cook a dish, take photos with your cell phone and write a few lines about it. Then text and ... read more

Online Branding: From Company to Brand

Targeted online branding ensures increasing brand awareness and more sales. But what makes good branding? Leonardo Lemos Rilk from our partner VIERLESS shows you how to become distinctive and (even) more successful with your corporate identity and the right strategy. The Corona crisis has accelerated digitalisation in many areas. During the Corona-related lockdown ... read more

Google Ads: Six Success Factors for SEA Landing Pages

Google ads are a tried and tested means of attracting new customers. And to sell even more online. But what should the landing page behind them look like so that the campaign is actually successful? And so that you don't give away money? It's no wonder that Google ads or AdWords are so popular. After all, ... read more