WP-News: Exciting talks from WordCamp Cologne 2017 & WordPress 4.9 "Tipton" has arrived

Torben Simon Meier Last updated 14.01.2020
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WordPress  Newsletter #44

Last week the major update to WordPress 4.9 was released. Although without - as initially planned - the new Gutenberg editor, but with other practical features, especially in the Customizer. In addition, the removal of WP-SpamShield Plugins by the Plugin review team has caused some discussion. And we put our sessions from WordCamp Cologne online: With a workflow for your local development, the power features of Webpagetest and Holacracy in theory and practice.

WP-News: Exciting talks from WordCamp Cologne 2017 & WordPress  4.9 "Tipton" has arrived

Our sessions from WordCamp Cologne 2017
For three days, we worked on community projects and gave presentations at WordCamp CologneWordPress . The result: Not only a great event with many national and international community members, but also three sessions, each highlighting one aspect of WordPress in detail.

The Lazy Dev Workflow Kit

Our Senior Developer Matthias has written a script for you that makes developing on a local environment as easy as possible. In the video he shows how it works and what you need to give your development workflow the decisive kick.

The Webpagetest Power Features

Our performance expert Jan will show you the power features of Webpagetest in his presentation. With the advanced analysis options you not only understand your sites better, but also optimize your development processes and enrich your customer communication.

Holacracy in practice

Johannes, CEO and co-founder of RAIDBOXES, shows you how we turned our company into an agile and efficient organization. You can download his Holacracy session here.


How to build a WP business that scales
Wanting to make their lives more flexible, Katie Keith and her husband quit their day jobs and started their own business as a WordPress web design startup. They have since made the transition from service provider to Plugin business with over $300,000 in annual revenue - and without hiring a single permanent employee. The entrepreneur shares the mistakes she and her husband had to make before their startup became one of the most well-known WordPress agencies in the UK.

The WooConf session videos are online
53% of mobile site visitors will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Furthermore, increasing mobile load time by just one second can result in a 7% lower conversion rate. Yet, over 75% of mobile websites take over 10 seconds to load. These exciting insights from Lisa Wang - Product Manager at Google - and many more WooConf sessions, can be found here.


Controversy about the 'WP-SpamShield Plugin
With over 100,000 installations, the widely used Plugin 'WP-SpamShield' has been removed from the official Plugin directory. Scott Allen, the developer of 'WP-SpamShield', criticizes the non-transparent procedure and the decision of the Plugin review team: "We repeatedly asked them what rule we broke, to no answer. Only after I called Mika out on the forum did she come up with something - Rule 9 - exploiting a loophole in the rules. Seriously? It's impossible for developers to comply with rules that are constantly changing". Now Allen has announced to remove all Plugins of his team from WordPress .org to be removed.


WordPress 4.9 is out!
In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday WordPress 4.9 "Tipton" has been released. The update brings many interesting features. Especially in the Customizer there are some improvements: For example, you can now save customizations to the design of your site as a draft and - just like with posts - set a release date. Also, you can browse over 2600 WP-Themes directly in the Customizer and create and share a preview of your changes. Other new features of the update are alerts for programming errors, widget updates and much more!

One hour WordPress with Matt Mullenweg
Finally, we have a podcast recommendation for you: In an hour-long interview with Brian Krogsgard from Post Status, WP co-founder Matt Mullenweg among other things about the new features in WordPress 4.9, the Gutenberg editor, the debate about the JS framework 'React' and the future of WordPress .org.

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