WordPress News: Gutenberg Phase 3 & Roadmap to WP 6.4

With this changeable start of September there is now the WordPress News - a good reason to stay in the dry. This time around, we're including the start of Phase 3 of the Gutenberg project and how to measure the success of your email marketing campaign. Still not enough? Then be happy about the sustainability in data centers using the example of cloud ... read more

WordPress News: WordPress 6.3 & WordCamp Germany

Whether on the beach or in the office - the WordPress news can not be missing. This time: Everything about the latest WordPress 6.3 release, the first regional WordCamp Germany in October and how you can improve your Largest Contentful Paint. Not enough yet? Then look forward to insights into the 5 biggest WordPress Speed Killer ... read more

WordPress News: WP Page Speed & Woo Express

Summer, sun, WordPress news? In any case, we have a lot in store to sweeten your summer break - WordPress 6.3 Beta 2 is already running, we take a look at the latest Gutenberg update and there are excellent news for the world of online stores. In the magazine we show you how to optimize your page speed ... read more

WordPress News: E-Book SEO Audit & Fundraiser

We celebrate the round WordPress birthday with a campaign: We donate 1 Euro for every new signup until June 30 to the WordPress Foundation to support future projects of the community. In the magazine we show you the 4 biggest WordPress security vulnerabilities and how you can protect yourself from them. Don't miss our brand new e-book SEO Audit. It ... read more

WordPress News: Website Speed Test & AI Technology

May we introduce? Our new Speed Test is live and allows you to test the speed of your website from now on. 💖 Also in WordPress News: The impact of artificial intelligence on online marketing and what WordPress developers is planning to do about AI in the near future. In the magazine you can expect the best WordPress performance plugins, as well as a guide ... read more

WordPress News: WordPress 6.2 & Fast WP Themes

Spring is here and with it the latest WordPress 6.2 update. We tested it and show you what it has in store for you. This week's magazine is all about speed. We show you the 10 fastest WordPress themes and how to make your WooCommerce store faster - and use ... read more

WordPress News: Ad Creatives & WP theme Lemmony

We start this week with refreshing WordPress news and the new WordPress block theme Lemmony. In addition to a preview of WordPress 6.2, we also have an exciting interview on the topic of product development in agencies for you. In the magazine we show you how you can use email marketing for your business and help you, thanks to clever testing, ... read more

WordPress News: Performance E-Book & WooCommerce SEO

With the first warm sunny days, things can't get fast enough for us, can they? Just like with the speed of your WordPress website - our new e-book tells you how! We also take a look at AI Content and our booth at WordCamp Europe. In the magazine you will learn how to optimize your WooCommerce store SEO ... read more

WordPress News: WordPress 6.2 & Web Design Trends

February is here and we use the cold season to heat you up with WordPress trends for 2023. From the most popular themes and plugins, to web design trends, it's all here. The WordPress community is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary and WordPress 6.2 is waiting in the wings for its first beta. Also, an Elementor review ... read more