WordPress Newsletter #31

WP News: 4 measures against XSS attacks & 100.000 .blog domains

Last week, the corks popped at Automattic's subsidiary Knock Knock Whois There. The 100,000th .blog domain was registered. Plus: SiteLock doubles its customer base with the acquisition of security startup Patchman. And we take another look at the danger of cross-site scripting and show you how to protect yourself effectively.

Effectively combat XSS attacks

How to prevent XSS attacks

Cross-site scripting (or XSS) is a particularly devious type of attack. Hackers inject code snippets into your site and can steal your customers' data, take over your site or infect your visitors' computers. All completely unnoticed and under the umbrella of your site and the trust of your visitors in your offer.

And the XSS vulnerabilities are also particularly common: in a study of 1,599 plugins by the security vendor Wordfence, almost half of the vulnerabilities found were XSS-related.

Fortunately, the most important protective measures against this type of hack are very simple: regular updates to close security gaps and a firewall that screens out suspicious scripts. What else you can do, we show in our latest blog post.

WordPress News

International WordPress Awards
The first International WordPress Awards (IWP) are being planned. The goal of the awards, according to organizer Pragmatic, is "to recognize the extraordinary effort and talent on display from thousands of WordPress developers, designers and agencies across the world." In a two-minute poll, the WP community can currently vote on the award categories.

100,000th .blog domain
Knock Knock Whois There LLC - a subsidiary of Automattic - paid around 20 million US dollars for the rights to the .blog top-level domain in 2016. Recently, the 100,000th domain was registered. 63 percent of these were assigned by Automattic itself.

Performance News

WPMU DEV Checkup 2.0
Since the launch of the free WPMU DEV performance checkup six months ago, tens of thousands of analyses have been performed. The test not only measures the performance of your WordPresssite, but also gives a rating in terms of SEO and security. The new version of the test also includes accessibility recommendations. And the test results - including recommendations - can be downloaded directly as a PDF. A white-label solution is also planned.

Combining work and family with WordPress
This topic is not about the performance of a website, of course, but about how to improve your own everyday life and quality of life. In his podcast, Vladimir Simovic of perun.net shares how WordPress and self-employment have helped him combine work and family life.

Security News

SiteLock buys security startup Patchman
The security provider SiteLock has acquired the startup Patchman. The Dutch company offers security software for web hosts that automatically fixes vulnerabilities and removes malware. Before the acquisition, SiteLock was used by about 2.2 million WordPress sites . The acquisition doubles SiteLock's customer base from six million to 12 million websites. Four million of these run on WordPress.

5 security plugins compared
Looking for a firewallplugin for your WordPresssite, but don't know which provider to choose? WPWarefare took a look at the pros and cons of some security plugins and created a top five list.

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