WordPress News: Twenty Twenty-One, Headless CMS & a New SEO Tool from Ahrefs

Annie Sprengelmeyer Last updated on 23.10.2020
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Last updated on 23.10.2020

Autumn is here - and with it the latest news from the WordPress universe: Matt Mullenweg shares predictions for the web of the future, Ahrefs is setting new standards in online marketing and we look forward to Twenty Twenty-One. In our magazine we explain what an onboarding funnel is all about, how you as a WP agency improve your processes and why backlinks are important for your SEO. ⚙️

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- So much website content remains according to the Digital Experience Benchmark Report 2020 unseen by users.

Website optimization blog

How to Optimize your Processes as an Agency

The always the same work steps are an annoying evil for agencies - especially in the WordPress development process. Have you ever wondered how others optimize their tasks? And what tools they use to do so? Our client and agency partner Daan Bachmann from stark.marketing gives practical tips for efficient processes. Learn more

Onboarding blog

How an onboarding funnel saves you time

In order to save time and effort as an agency, you should structure the onboarding of new clients as well as possible. Alexander Heeg will explain to you step by step how to start your projects even more targeted.

Website Blog

Why Nothing Beats Your Own Website

What is the CPU usage and RAM consumption of my site computer? How much memory is still available? Which cron jobs are running? The answers are provided by our website Status Monitoring: the BOX status.

Blog backlinks

Backlinks: Why they are important for your SEO

When it comes to comments in WordPress , are there two sides of the coin: spam or valuable interaction channel? Johannes Mairhofer shows you how to moderate your comments in a meaningful way and introduces you to the best WPsPlugins .


Twenty Twenty-One comes with WordPress 5.6
The rumors are true: The next WP version will bring a brand new standardTheme. In the Announcement by Twenty Twenty-One it says, "Pastel shades and muted colors are pretty in right now." Have you become curious? Then take a look here the mockups!

Matt Mullenweg on Jamstack: Regression or Future?
The interest in the topic of headless CMS is growing: Is there still something to be done with Jamstack and WordPress ? In an interview WP co-founder Matt Mullenweg talks about modern architectures, new requirements and what the web might look like in 2025.

Online Marketing

Ahrefs makes serious competition for the Google Search Console
Ahref's Webmaster Tools (AWT) have been available since 22 September. The SEO-Tool provides you valuable insightsto improve your performance and traffic - completely free. AWT fills important gaps in the Google Search Console.

Webdesign & Development

WordPress -Themes: Tips and tricks for prospective developers
An own WordPress one -Theme to develop is still on your bucket list? But you don't really know how to start? With this Instructions everything - from brainstorming to licensing - runs like clockwork.

Here's how to create one-page websites that work
One-pagers can create memorable experiences, powerful messages and an inviting environment for visitors... if designed properly. The experts at Webdesignerdepot provide you 5 tips for the perfect design.

19 incredible photographers you should follow on Instagram
Instagram gathers a large number of talented artists. These 19 photographers will immerse you in picturesque landscapes, bustling streets, and exciting fashion and movie worlds! Are you ready to to observe the world through her lens?

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