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WordPress News: Gutenberg 9.1 & How to Successfully Manage 5 to 100+ WordPress Projects

There have been a lot of changes in the WordPress world - here are your latest news: Gutenberg 9.1 comes with new highlights, a security vulnerability has been discovered in WPBakery and Blacklight scans websites for annoying data trackers in real time. In our magazine we take a closer look at the new WP-pluginGoogle Web Stories and show you the best tools to restructure yourself as a freelancer! ?

WordPress  Management Ebook

How to Manage 5 to 100+ WordPress Projects Efficiently

No matter if you manage 5, 50 or 500 WordPress projects: The administrative work in WordPress takes up a large part of your working time. In our new e-book, we show you how to centrally organize your WordPress management. And how you can speed up your processes considerably. Learn more

How good are web stories for WordPress ?

Google Web Stories become more accessible: with a new WordPress -Plugin. But is the format even worth it for your site ? Christina Widner from BASICthinking provides you with the most important answers!

The best time saving tools for freelancers

Tools for freelancers are almost as many as WP-Plugins. The challenge is to find the right tools for your needs. Michael Hörnlimann presents his favorites from the perspective of a digital nomad.

New in Raidboxes Support Team: Chris

What does Raidboxes look like from the customer's perspective? How do you manage to make support seekers happy as quickly as possible? And who's been snoozing contentedly in the office lately? 10 questions for our new supporter Chris.


What's new in Gutenberg 9.1?
Gutenberg 9.1 was released on September 30, 2020. The new version approaches the main projects of WordPress 5.6: Widgets Screen and Block API. What other features are new, you can read in the blog post on WordPress .org.

Website redesign: why W3C doesn't choose WordPress
Gutenberg is not met with enthusiasm everywhere in the WP community. But now the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has also decided to use a different CMS. Why WordPress does not meet the requirements of W3C, you can read here.


Over 4 million sites affected: Critical vulnerability in Plugin WPBakery
The popular WPBakery-Plugin version 6.4. or lower has a critical vulnerability. The gateway allows hackers to inject malicious JavaScript code. Your alarm bells ringing? Dr. Web shows what you need to do now.

Online Marketing

Blacklight creates transparency and full control over website tracking
At least since the Netflix hit "The Social Dilemma" we all know: companies track our activities online. With Blacklight, you now have a tool to determine what exactly your visited websites are tracking and who is receiving your data.

Web design & development

Design Resources: Ingenious Tools & Apps for Web Designers
As a designer, you're always on the lookout for the smartest tools and exciting inspiration - but with the abundance on the web, you quickly feel overwhelmed? Then this curated list of the best design resources might be for you!

Who do web designers really work for?
It would be far too easy to answer this question with "Whoever pays the bills". Rather, it's about your motivation as a designer. And this is where Maslow's pyramid of needs comes into play - WebdesignerDepot reveals why.

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