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WP-News: 4 typical WordPress mistakes & 100 themes in performance comparison

Our latest WP news: We have a helpful knowledge resource for WP beginners, a member of the Dutch WordPress community is running for a good cause and there is a new search engine for colours. In addition, our Senior Dev Matthias shows you how to correctly analyse four typical WP problems and fix them on your own.

WordPress errors and problems

How to Fix the 4 Most Common WordPress Errors

Who hasn't experienced it: Suddenly you are sitting in front of a white site, the database is not accessible, the WP backend is a fortress or your SSL is causing problems. Since we have answered thousands of support requests and help our customers solve problems with their WordPress sites every day, we know the cases and error messages that occur particularly frequently. So that you are better prepared for the next problem, we will show you step by step how to fix four typical WP errors quickly and independently.


WordPress lexicon for your customers
When you work with WordPress on a daily basis, it's easy to forget how many WordPress-specific terms there are that WP beginners may not even understand. Thanks to Anders Norén 's WP Glossary website, you can now provide your customers with a clear and easy-to-understand glossary of WordPress terms.

On foot to WordCamp Europe
Dutch WP consultant Marcel Bootsman will walk the 700 kilometers from Rotterdam to Berlin for WordCamp Europe in Mai 2019. Bootsman's goal is to generate awareness and donations for the WP Donate initiative. He is also looking for supporters who will provide him with a place to sleep during his tour.

web design

"Like Google, but for colors"
The slightly different search engine: If you enter any term on "Picular", you will not see a typical listing of web pages as search result. Instead - based on the results of the Google Image Search - matching colors with the corresponding hex code will be suggested to you.

Gutenberg-Blocks for every taste
Many theme manufacturers and WP developers have already created their own blocks for the Gutenberg editor that fulfil certain functions, such as displaying recipes. To make these blocks easier to find, the colleagues from Editor Block have created a practical collection of blocks that you can search for topics.


100 Themes in Performance Comparison
The colleagues from Tidy Repo have tested one hundred popular themes from the official WordPress directory for their performance. An extra test environment was created to ensure fair conditions. The conclusion: "We expected only minor, statistical differences in our test results but ended up seeing significant differences. All themes are definitely not made the same!"

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