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WP News: How to turn your website into an app & our plans for 2019

Today we have the first WP News of the new year for you: Matt Mullenweg questions the importance of the WordPress mission, Gutenberg Times is hosting a free Gutenberg webinar today, and our colleagues at CodeinWP have researched the 14 best dev tools. Plus, we show how to turn your WP-site into an app. And we look back at 2018 and reveal what new Raidboxes features are planned for 2019

What we accomplished in 2018 & our plans for 2019

The turn of the year is over and with a little distance it is easier to look back on the last 12 months and look forward to 2019 with new motivation. 2018 was a year full of exciting challenges such as WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor, GDPRand the first co-organization of a WordCamp. To bring 2018 to a fitting close, we have our product developments and personal highlights of the past year as well as an outlook of our plans for 2019.

WP News: How to turn your website into an app & our plans for 2019

3 plugins that turn your website into an app

Everything talks about "Mobile First" and the importance of aligning your WordPresssite with the needs of mobile users. Unfortunately, when it comes to implementing this guiding principle, it often remains with small optimization measures on the website itself. One effective channel to reach your potential customers in the best possible way is usually forgotten: mobile apps. Lukas Gehrer shows you how to turn your WP-siteinto an app without any programming knowledge.


What does "Democratize Publishing" actually mean?
In response to an audience question at WordCamp US, WP co-founder Matt Mullenweg explains in a blog post what the well-known WordPress mission "Democratize Publishing" means to him personally today. You can also read more interesting interpretations of the WP mission in the comments of the post.

Tonight: Live Gutenberg Q&A
Want to see three industry experts discuss WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor while answering questions from the community? Then join us today, January 11, for the live Q&A hosted by Gutenberg Times. The webinar will take place at 20:00 German time. Click here to register for free.

4 things where Gutenberg is superior to TinyMCE
Since the release of WordPress 5.0, millions of WP users have had to decide whether to use Gutenberg or the classic editor (also known as TinyMCE). While TinyMCE seems to be the safe choice at first - according to Bud Kraus you should not underestimate Gutenberg's advantages and potential!

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The best WordPress dev tools from 2018
Chris Fitzgerald asked his fellow developers at CodeinWP for the 3 to 5 best, non-obvious dev tools for WordPress. The result is a list of the top 14 tools, in which you'll probably make a new discovery or two!

CSS Grid for designers
Johna Paolino, product designer at The New York Times, has summarized the benefits of CSS Grid for designers, as well as helpful resources for self-study: "This technology removes a lot of the limitations that existed in CSS to date. But CSS Grid is not just a tool for front-end developers; designers can now think about web layout in new ways."

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