WordPress  News: The WPML-Plugin, WordPress  5.1, & remote work

WP News: Multilingual WordPress with WPML & WordPress 5.1 is here

Just before the sunny weekend we have the WordPress news for you: WordPress 5.1 aka "Betty" is out, Matt Mullenweg talks about working in the future and a "WordPress Tamagotchi" shows the health of your site . In addition, you will learn how to structure your content properly and we report on our experience with the plugin "WPML".

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How to make your WordPress multilingual in a few steps

In times of globalization and potential customers from all over the world, setting up your website in several languages is indispensable for most WordPress projects. To support you with the implementation of a multilingual WordPress website , we will tell you about our experience with the WP-Plugin "WPML" and show you step by step how to create a multilingual WordPress website .


WordPress 5.1 is here
It's that time again: a new WordPress update is here. As always, the developers have put a lot of effort into it. Version 5.1 brings over 300 bugfixes and 165 improvements and new features! You can read about the most important new features in the WordPress 5.1 Field Guide.

Don't forget to update, otherwise Wapuu will get sick!
The plugin Wapuu Dashboard Pet conjures a virtual pet for you (or your customers) in the WordPress-Dashboard. Your Wapuu checks if there are open Core, theme or plugin updates and changes its health based on these factors. The more updates pending, the worse its health becomes. If that's not motivation to update!

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PHP for beginners
"You don't really need to ever write PHP code as a WordPress user, WordPress business owner, etc.. A minority of the people who use WordPress on a daily basis even know what PHP is [...]." - Nevertheless, WP developer David Hayes is convinced that PHP knowledge is useful for every WordPress user. In his PHP tutorial for beginners he explains the most important basics.

More visibility with categories
Who doesn't know it: You write a new blog post, share it for a short while and then let it fade into oblivion. According to Marieke van de Rakt, CEO of Yoast, this is a big mistake. In her article, she explains how you can increase the visibility and usability of your content with a sensible page structure.


The work of the future is distributed
Matt Mullenweg - founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com - takes up the cudgels for working in distributed teams. In the TED video series "The Way We Work," he explains why his 840-plus employees don't need a central office and why "distributed work" is the future.


Don't forget your Google Ads recommendations!
Have you already taken a closer look at your Google Ads recommendationsDashboard ? The suggestions you get there are generated based on the past performance of your campaigns and trends on Google. The colleagues from Bloofusion show you how to optimize your advertising account properly based on the recommendations.

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