wordpress news: Gutenberg 6.1, WP Meetup-Day Potsdamm and legally secure WooCommerce

WP News: Legal requirements for stores & vulnerability in ad inserter plugin

After a somewhat longer break than usual, here is the latest WP news for you: A critical vulnerability has been discovered in pluginAd Inserter, Gutenberg 6.1 brings new animations and there are tickets for the first WP Meetup Day Potsdam. We also take a look at how to make your WooCommerce shop legally compliant and we have examples and tips for designing website logos.

How to make your WooCommerce shop legally secure

WooCommerce making it legally secure: Requirements for Germany & Europe

WooCommerce is geared towards the US market. In the European Union, however, there are numerous legal requirements for online trade, especially in Germany and Austria. You must take these into account when planning and operating your shop - otherwise you could face warnings. Our WooCommerce expert Michael shows you the most important legal requirements and WordPress plugins for your online shop.

Create logos for websites

What you should consider for logos for websites

There is a very permeable boundary between web design and graphic design. Graphic designers often focus on print, designing business stationery, posters, advertisements and logos. Web designers, on the other hand, create websites, newsletters, banners and, of course, logos. What many forget: Logos for websites follow completely different rules than those for print or other communication. Mark Max Henckel will show you what these rules are, as well as examples and tips for creating your own web logo.

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New block animations in Gutenberg
Gutenberg 6.1 brings a new detail to the editor: When creating, moving and deleting blocks there are now small animations. Already in Mai Gutenberg -Lead Matías Ventura advocated this idea in a detailed blog post: "Motion can be a great aid in communicating relationships and clarifying the changes experienced in a more intuitive way."

WordPress Meetup-Day Potsdam 2019
On September 14, the first WP Meetup-Day will take place in Potsdam and we are happy to support the event as a sponsor. The Meetup-Day will be a barcamp. This means: all participants can submit a talk on the spot. From complete beginners to hardcore developers, everyone* is welcome. The ticket price is 24,99 €, including catering and t-shirt.


New WooCommerce e-book
Our e-commerce specialist Michael has written a 70+ page e-book on WooCommerce . It contains all necessary information and tips for freelancers, agencies and WP professionals to get started with the development and implementation of webshops with WooCommerce . In addition to the German version, there is also an English version of the e-book.

web design

WebP and WordPress = better performance?
Many WordPress users are interested in the WebP image format because it combines the advantages of JPG and PNG. However, at the same time, it does not replace the two common image formats. For WP users who use a lot of images, however, WebP should be particularly useful. Stefan Römershäuser explains why in this article.

The advantages of SVGs for web developers
SVG stands for "Scalable Vector Graphics" and is an XML-based vector image format. SVGs are predominantly found on the web. Although they have similar applications to JPEG, PNG and WebP image types, their DNA is extremely different. Lewis Warren of Deliciousbrains vividly summarizes the advantages of SVGs.


Vulnerability in Ad Inserter plugin
The security experts at Wordfence have discovered a vulnerability in the plugin Ad Inserter, which is active on over 200,000 WP sites. Attackers with at least the user role subscriber can bypass control mechanisms and get into the debug mode of the plugin. If you are using plugin in version 2.4.21 or older, you should update to version 2.4.22 as soon as possible.

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