WordPress Newsletter #37

WP news: spam record in August & when hiding WP admin really makes sense

Last week, a comment by Matt Mullenweg brought relief to Gutenberg critics. And the monthly Symantec security report shows a record high of spam emails in August. We also explain when hiding the WP admin area really makes sense.

WP news: spam record in August & when hiding WP admin really makes sense

Hiding WP-Admin: Popular, Complicated and Not Very Effective

Hiding the admin area is one of the most popular security measures of all. In fact, moving the login can usefully round off a sensible security concept. As a stand-alone measure, however, hiding the admin area offers no added value. We show why and how you can hide your WP admin area after all - if you want to.

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New spam record in August
55.3 percent of all emails sent in August were spam, according to data from security specialist Symantec. This is the highest measured spam rate since March 2015. The spambot 'Onliner' discovered in August contributed massively to these record figures: after stealing 80 million SMTP data, the bot was able to bypass spam filters and send send malware to 630 million email addresses..

Does cyber insurance make sense for your business?
The consulting firm Deloitte estimates the cyber insurance market at 1.5 to 3 billion US dollars and expects it to grow to over 20 billion US dollars by 2025. According to security provider Wordfence , this estimate is still too low in light of the increasing number of attacks. Our colleagues explain what cyber insurance is all about in this article.

Protect your business with an onboarding contract
For a change, this is not about the security of your website, but about protecting your time, work and nerves. Different expectations and misunderstandings between you and your client can quickly turn a small job into a time-consuming long-term project. To protect you as a freelancer against such cases, WPMUDEV recommends setting up an onboarding contract for every project.


Is your site ready for Retina screens?
Retina displays have a higher pixel density than conventional screens. This allows them to display images with pin-sharp clarity. In order for the content of your website to actually be displayed on retina screens in a higher resolution, it must of course be available in the corresponding quality. A challenge for the loading time of your site.


Gutenberg will not be a mandatory programme
The plan to integrate the Gutenberg editor into the core with WordPress 5.0 is definite. Nevertheless, there is good news for die-hard Gutenberg critics. In a comment on his blog, Mullenweg confirms that there will be a pluginfor the old interface: "[Gutenberg] will be the default experience of WP, for people that want to use something more like what's currently there we'll have a plugin they can use."

99 WordPress facts
Did you know that some of the biggest print publications like Time Magazine, USA Today and Fortune use WordPress for their online presence? Or that all major WordPress updates are named after famous jazz musicians? Here's the whole list and 97 more facts about our favourite CMS ?

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