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WP-News: Page Experience, Hacker Attacks and Corona Help for Your Website

Even though the days are getting shorter, a lot is happening in the digital world: attacks on WordPress websites are becoming more and more sophisticated, Google provides information on the new ranking factor and the ITCSS principle makes it easy to structure your code. In our magazine, we give an insight into the go-digital funding programme, list the advantages of Brotli and have a customer story on fast online shops in shop for you. Have fun! ?

go-digital: Funding for your next WordPress project

A website with WordPress or WooCommerce can be funded with up to 16,500 euros - as part of the go-digital programme. Which projects receive funding? What do you have to do? And what are the requirements? 10 questions for Nils Hocke from our partner agency AgenturWebfox. Learn more

WP-News: Page Experience, Hacker Attacks and Corona Help for Your Website

Customer Story: Increase shop performance

Thousands of images and WooCommerce - not an easy combination. The shop michel und elbe has succeeded in managing images in WP: The team shares their success story and other tips in an interview.

WP-News: Page Experience, Hacker Attacks and Corona Help for Your Website

8 Online Payment Services for WordPress

It doesn't always have to be PayPal, does it? From Apple Pay to Google Pay: We introduce you to the most important alternatives, weigh up the pros and cons - and show you how to integrate the services into WordPress and WooCommerce .

WP-News: Page Experience, Hacker Attacks and Corona Help for Your Website

Brotli - the alternative to gzip compression

Google's algorithm "Brotli" is very popular: We show how the data format makes your website faster, what it has to do with Switzerland and why Brotli wins the race against
the compression standard gzip.


The WordPress Survey 2020 is open
Do you use WordPress? Then be sure to take part in the annual survey to share your experiences with WordPress. The 2019 results are also now available - check them out here! All data is anonymised, of course.

How to create a simple admin menu
At WP Meetup Stuttgart in October, Caspar Hübinger showed us how to make a tidy admin menu work for new and veteran WordPress users users . The tutorial is now available on

How do you sort your CSS?
"In the beginning, I had to invest a bit of brainpower to understand the meaning behind ITCSS," says Jessica Lyschik. The frontend developer explains here why the ITCSS method is actually quite simple and brings more structure.


10 reasons why your website gets hacked
A hacked WordPress website is arguably as damaging as a home invasion - and shatters more than just your peace of mind. The Webdesignerdepot team reveals why hackers target WP sites and how you can prevent the worst from happening.

Online Marketing

Page Experience becomes Google Ranking Factor
Already six months ago the new ranking factor was announced. Now Google has finally announced it: The so-called Page Experience will have an influence on the ranking from Mai 2021. WP Tavern explains which metrics will become important with the update.

Web design & development

Case Study: Developing accessible plugins
How do you create a plugin that is as usable and accessible as possible? And which should also interact with WooCommerce ? Developer Kathy Darling and the UXATT team share the product flow and testing of their Name Your Price plugin.

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