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WordPress News: WordPress Multisite and our new e-book

As always, we have the latest WordPress news for you today: At Raidboxes we have exciting news with our WordPress Multisite Feature, WordPress 6.0 Beta 3 is available, WordPress.com receives harsh criticism and we take a look at the WordPress Web Fonts API in theory and practice. In addition, we have our new e-book in our luggage and take a fresh look at the topic of customer persona. 🧩

WordPress Multisite Raidboxes

You can now use WordPress Multisites at Raidboxes - the public beta has started. Multisites offer you the possibility to manage multiple WordPress websites in a single installation. Still unsure what this means? We'll clear the jungle of the multisite network for you. Learn more

News from the magazine

Content marketing Raidboxes

E-Book: Targeted Content Marketing

With the right content, your website will be much more successful. How do you find content ideas that appeal to your target group? And how do you measure success? Our best tips for your content strategy.

Customer Persona Raidboxes

Customer Persona - How to understand your customers

With a customer persona, you can put yourself in your target group's shoes much more easily and understand their needs. Wolfgang Stefani explains how to master the path from a bullshit persona to a real customer persona.

Wordpress Api Raidboxes

WordPress Web Fonts API - simply explained

WordPress has been on the way to a Web Fonts API for a long time - with the release of Gutenberg 12.8 it's here. Learn how to use the WordPress Web Fonts API and what changes thanks to the Web Fonts API.


What's new in WordPress 6.0 Beta 3?
WordPress 6.0 Beta 3 is now available for testing! Testing the new beta version is the perfect opportunity to explore new features and prepare for the upcoming major release. Have fun testing!

After a shitstorm: WordPress.com backs down
With its surprising pricing policy, the WordPress.com a shitstorm. But the team behind WordPress.com reacts quickly to the negative feedback from frustrated users. Curious? WP Tavern shares the whole story.

Schedule for WordCamp Europe 2022
"We've all waited patiently for this in-person WordCamp Europe, and your patience will be rewarded" - so say the organizers of WordCamp Europe 2022, which will take place in Porto from June 2-4. We can only agree when we see the schedule.


RCE vulnerability in Elementor WordPress Page Builder
A critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability has been discovered in Elementor plugin. With over 5 million active installations, a large number of websites are affected. You are using Elementor? Then you should patch your website right now!

Online Marketing

Full Site Editing for WooCommerce - soon completely possible?
Great news for your store: WooCommerce plans to support full site editing for individual product templates. The concept of "Store Editing" is still in the early stages and will be further developed - as reported by the WP Tavern team.

Web design & development

What you can learn from picky customers
Who hasn't experienced it? The person who scrutinises every aspect of your work and asks you to change the same thing a dozen times - a seemingly endless cycle. Find out what you can get out of extremely picky clients.

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