Wordpress News #156

WordPress News: Website Speed Test & AI Technology

May we introduce? Our new Speed Test is live and allows you to test the speed of your website from now on. 💖 Also in the WordPress News: The influence of artificial intelligence on online marketing and what WordPress developers is planning to do about AI in the near future. In the magazine you can expect the best WordPress performance plugins, as well as a guide for your successful website relaunch. Have fun reading! 📯🌷

Website Speed Test

Take the speed test: How fast does your WordPress website load?
Slow loading times can cost you up to 1/3 of your visitors and thus your conversions. There is another way. Test the speed of your server now and get the result conveniently via email. Just enter the URL of your website and start the speed test. Learn more

News from the magazine

SEO AI Software And WordPress

The impact of AI technologies on SEO

Revolutionary AI technologies like Bard and ChatGPT are changing the entire online marketing and SEO world. What this means for your digital marketing and how you can prepare your website for the future!

Email Marketing Reach

More reach for your newsletter

For a successful newsletter you not only need a good concept - how to attract more readers to your emails and how to better reach your existing readership
- but you also need a good concept for your newsletter.

Wordpress Performance Plugins

7 popular WordPress performance plugins

Usually, the rule of thumb is: the fewer plugins, the better your WordPress website performs. However, there are also plugins that speed up the loading times of your site by quite a bit.


WordPress 6.2 and the Openverse - what you should consider
WordPress 6.2 will provide access to Openverse via the Block Editor. Through it, you can access images and audio files for free and use them for your website. Before you get started, you should know these things.

WordPress developers experiment with AI blocks

As more and more WordPress plugins for AI-generated content, images, chatbots and assistants land in the official directory, the developers, are beginning to explore even deeper integration with Block Editor.


5 steps to a website relaunch
From preparation and goal setting, to announcing and finally going live with your new website, our guide has all the info you need to have a successful relaunch.

WooCommerce: Checkout in Shopify style
Have you ever paid close attention to the checkout process on Shopify? Pretty fast and user-friendly, right? With these two plugins you can make your WooCommerce store checkout even more attractive.

Online Marketing

6 Live Chat WordPress Plugins and their advantages

A live chat plugin is a great way to answer your visitors 's questions immediately and win them as customers. Compare different features and pricing options and use the right plugin for your website.

Web Design & Development

Headless CMS: Using WordPress only as a backend?
What is a headless CMS and how can WordPress be used as a headless CMS? We give you an overview of the most important advantages and disadvantages of headless CMS for your business.

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