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WordPress News: Our start in 2024

You could almost think it's spring again here in Münster. The sun and mild temperatures are currently dominating here after a long period of gray and darkness. It remains exciting. After the hibernation break, we are now back: the WordPress news for February 2024. This time in the newsletter: Expand your network through content curation and improve your prompts for AI texts. Also: Tips for cookie banners and 10 tricks for local SEO measures. Still not enough? Then there's an article on 5 typical misconceptions in conversion rate optimization and much more.
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RB 2.0 Banner 1

Big news: Raidboxes 2.0 will soon be launched!

After many months of intensive work behind the scenes, today we can finally announce one of the most important innovations of recent years. Raidboxes 2. 0 with our new server infrastructure.
What this will mean in concrete terms: more power for the most popular plans (Starter, Fully Managed and Pro), state-of-the-art technology and enhanced security features.

News from the magazine

Cookie Banner Tips Newsletter 2

Cookie banners, but the right way!

Find out why the right design of your cookie banner is crucial. From GDPR compliance to the integration of social plugins - discover how to design your cookie notice with 7 tips in our article.

Content Curation Newsletter 2

Expand your network through content

Discover the power of content curation: an effective strategy to increase your attention and reach. This will not only help you build your brand, but also strengthen your status as an expert.

AI Content 180x180

Tips and tricks for very good AI texts

Do you know which prompts you can use to get exactly what you asked for? In this article, you will find tips for prompts and why these tools are becoming increasingly important as aids for content creation.  


Use classic menus in block themes

If you want to include several menus in a block theme at the same time, this requires an additional intermediate step to avoid having to create everything from scratch. You can learn how to do this easily and in just a few steps here.

2024: The year of the WordPress page builder

This time in the WP Minute, Matt Medeiros discusses the coexistence of Gutenberg and page builders. He sees potential in the Twenty Twenty Four theme and emphasizes the different user needs in the page builders.

Online Marketing

10 tips for local SEO

Do you want to reach a specific target group in your local area with your website? Then this article could be something for you. Here you will find 10 easy-to-implement measures that will help you become more visible.

5 misunderstandings when optimizing conversion rates

Conversion rates often cannot be improved by a single measure. This is because marketing does not happen in a vacuum and everything is interdependent. Learn about other misconceptions.

Web design & development

Improve your Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

Not too much time should pass before the main content of your site is loaded. Here you can find 5 ways to keep your LCP under 2.5 seconds. You can find some possibilities for improvement in images, hosting and caching.

The 11 best WordPress themes 2024

The right theme can help you to stand out from other websites. Line25 introduces you to 11 themes and explains their advantages and disadvantages for you as a user. Maybe there is something suitable for you?

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