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WP News: Five GDPR plugins compared & WordPress 4.9.6 brings new privacy tools

Just before the long Whitsun weekend, we have the latest WordPress news for you: The update to WordPress 4.9.6 integrates helpful privacy tools into WP-Core, the plugin collective clarifies the GDPR-conformity of Antispam Bee and in June there will be an online conference about JavaScript for WordPress. In addition, we show how the most popular GDPR plugins can help you to make your WP-site GDPR -ready in time.

WP News: Five GDPR plugins compared & WordPress 4.9.6 brings new privacy tools

The 5 most popular GDPR plugins in comparison

In just eight days, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be applicable in all EU member states. For WP agencies and freelancers as well as website and store operators, this means: Those who have not implemented the guidelines and requirements of GDPR by the 25th Mai risk warnings and fines. But that is not yet a reason to fall into a state of shock! After all, there is now a selection of GDPR plugins that help you to make your WordPresssite legally compliant. We present the five most popular GDPR plugins and show you how to use them.


Free "JavaScript for WordPress" Conference
A free online conference on "JavaScript for WordPress" will be held on June 29. The conference organizer is Zac Gordon of the Learn JavaScript Deeply learning platform. Of the 14 speakers confirmed so far, many are familiar faces from the WordPress community. Topics range from design, security, data modeling and JS hooks to Gutenberg and AMP.

Antispam Bee absolutely GDPR compliant
Simon Kraft from KrautPress clears up wrong assumptions about the plugin Antispam Bee, which were made in the context of the discussion about the GDPR compliance of WP plugins. Antispam Bee is one of the plugins maintained by the so-called plugin collective - to which Simon Kraft also belongs. Therefore, he clarifies how the functionality of the plugin is to be evaluated against the background of GDPR .

WordPress 4.9.6 brings GDPR tools
Starting today, WordPress 4.9.6 will be available for you. With the update, new tools and privacy settings are coming to WP core to help you more easily implement certain GDPR-requirements. These include the ability to export and delete personal data, anonymize comments, and help creating your privacysite.


Data leaks can be expensive for store operators
When people think of data leaks, they quickly think of well-known cases involving large companies that have been widely reported in the media. However, a study by Trustwave shows that the vast majority of data breaches affect smaller retailers. The average damage of such a breakdown amounts to more than 36,000 US dollars even in small stores. The security experts at Sucuri explain what this high sum is made up of.

web design

Let the code reviewers do their job!
Tom McFarlin from Pressware calls on all WordPress developers in his article not to always explain and justify their code without asking. According to McFarlin, as a developer you should commit your code without comment and wait for the code reviewer's feedback: "Whatever the case, commit your code and step back and let the process of review do its thing".

Why you should love shortcodes as a WP developer
"Shortcodes are an awful experience for users. But for developers, they're among the easiest and most useful testing tools in WordPress." At least that's what Fred Meyer of WPShout says. In his article, Meyer explains when shortcodes are particularly useful and how you can best use them. He also reveals why not even the new Gutenberg editor will stop him from using shortcodes.

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