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WP News: WordPress Fork "ClassicPress

As always we have the latest WP-News for you: Since the Gutenberg-notification in WP-Dashboard the new editor is topic of conversation number one. Nevertheless, the question arises how many WordPress users are really prepared for Gutenberg . Also, there is an "anti-Twitter movement" that the WP community is participating in.

WP News: WordPress Fork "ClassicPress


Do your customers already know about Gutenberg ?
Podcaster and blogger BobWP has put forward the thesis that most WP users will only get to grips with Gutenberg when the new editor is "suddenly" integrated into WP core with the update to WordPress 5.0. For this reason, he has asked ten WordPress professionals to give their assessment on this topic.

Gutenberg-Critic creates WordPress fork
Since, according to WP developer Scott Bowler, Gutenberg opponents are falling on deaf ears with those responsible for the project, he has created the WordPress fork "ClassicPress": "I'm fully aware that [this] could cause the fracture in the community that I previously mentioned and it is my hope that this petition will stop ClassicPress from being needed."

Will we soon be tooting instead of tweeting?
Twitter has changed its API so that third-party apps can no longer offer certain functions. Under the hashtag #BreakingMyTwitter, many users are venting their displeasure about this. Based on this sentiment, some members of the WP community have called for switching from Twitter to the short message service Mastodon.

WP Ninjas Dojo: WP support, online courses, tips & more
In his new member area for WP users, Jonas Tietgen from WP Ninjas offers, among other things, live webinars, self-learning courses and WP tips. As a member, you also get unlimited WordPress support in an exclusive Facebook group. If this is something for you (or your customers), secure the Early Access discount until the end of August and save 20 Euros every month.


When freelancing makes you lonely (and what you can do about it)
Besides all the tempting advantages of freelancing, such as freedom, self-determination and flexibility, the disadvantages often fade into the background. One of these underrated downsides is the lack of a social component in the workplace. David Hayes shows you what strategies you can use when the feeling of loneliness creeps in.

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10 Infographic Tools in the Test
Infographics can be used to visualize data and information in an appealing way for your target group. You should not be deterred by the seemingly high effort for the creation of such graphics. The colleagues of t3n have tested ten tools with which you can create your own infographics even as a design beginner.

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