wordpress news: Borlabs Cookie, keyword research, Gutenberg 6.2 and much more.

WP News: ECJ makes cookie opt-in mandatory & keyword research guide

A lot has happened in the last two weeks, including the ECJ ruling on the cookie banner obligation. Gutenberg 6.2 brings small changes with a big effect and a vulnerability was fixed in the pluginWP Super Cache. We also take a look at the correct use of internal links and show you how to research the right keywords.

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On 29 July 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared cookie opt-ins to be an obligation subject to a warning. Consequently, website operators should no longer ask themselves whether they should use a cookie banner, but how they can implement this requirement in a legally compliant manner. For this purpose, various plug-ins are available for WordPress websites . One of these plugins, which Sven Scheuerle presents in our magazine, is Borlabs Cookie.

raidboxes wordpress news keyword research

Systematically achieving SEO success with keyword research

What is the most common mistake website operators make in online marketing? Dominik Stein's answer to this is: they don't do keyword research, create content that no one is looking for, and thus don't get any results. Welcome to the world of keyword research - a world where lack of preparation costs you valuable time, money and nerves. Dominik shows you step by step how to find the right keywords and which SEO tools support you.

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Gutenberg 6.2 improves flexibility
Among the improvements in Gutenberg 6.2 is a small feature that many have been waiting for - the option to customize the target of the button block and have it open in a new tab. Also, it is now possible to use other block types in the cover block than headings, paragraphs and buttons. All customizations and fixes, you can see here.

Security updates up to WordPress 3.7?
The WordPress Security Team asks for feedback if security fixes should continue to be applied to outdated WP versions. Because the effort to support versions up to 3.7 increases with every major version: "There is a great deal of work in supporting this small userbase. It takes a large amount of time and energy and hurts the team's ability to work effectively."

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More keyword variations please!
Marieke van de Rakt - CEO of Yoast - shows in her new blog post that we can trust the Google algorithm to interpret texts and keywords more than we often do: "[...] Google is not that stupid anymore. It can read and understand texts. You can read their concrete recommendations for action in the Yoast blog.

How to optimize your internal links
Did you know how important your internal links are for Google & Co. The colleagues from UPLOAD Magazine explain in a very understandable way the typical mistakes and misunderstandings around internal linking. They also show how you can best deal with duplicate content, multilingualism and deleted pages.

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10 resources for free illustrations
The colleagues from ThemeIsle have researched a nice collection of websites that provide free illustrations for your next web design project. Of course, you should always pay attention to the appropriate copyright, because the presented 10 websites partly work with different licenses.


Vulnerability in WP Super Cache
A vulnerability has been discovered in the plugin WP Super Cache, which is active on over two million WP sites. The vulnerability can only be exploited if debugging is enabled for users. To fix the problem, you should update to the latest version (1.6.9) as soon as possible. By the way, at Raidboxes you don't need cachingplugin, because we rely on server-side caching.

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