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Raidboxes 2.0 is here: New servers, more power, enhanced security

You may have already noticed that a lot has been going on behind the scenes at Raidboxes in recent months. One of the biggest and most important developments in recent years is now live: our new server infrastructure. You can look forward to significantly more performance, state-of-the-art technologies, enhanced security features and more!

In this article, we explain what you need to know about Raidboxes 2 .0, how you can benefit from our new servers and what changes you can expect.

Double the performance & new security features

Probably the most important new feature is the significant performance boost for all new starters, Fully Managed and Pro Boxes. The resources of these plans are doubled on the new servers. Starter and Fully Managed Boxes will then run with 2 cores and 4 GB RAM, Pro Boxes with 4 cores and 8 GB RAM.

The new servers also have decisive new security features:

  • DDoS protection automatically fends off attacks
  • A new Exploit Detector will check new pages for suspicious scripts and files in future
  • With the Raidboxes Security Shield, every Box is automatically protected by a web application firewall

The Raidboxes Security Shield is a web application firewall that monitors incoming traffic. Malicious bots, brute force attacks and DDoS attacks are detected and can be fended off. Our DDoS protection limits unauthorized visits and redirects them away from your site .

More power, same price

Especially important for you: Our prices will not change with the introduction of the new data center. The graduated prices for customers and the partner discounts for agencies also remain unchanged.

Server monitoring and advanced caching

An unplanned rush of visitors is increasing the load on your website, for example by mentioning your company or your products in the media? Bot traffic or a complex plugin process is bringing your project to its knees? Our server monitoring automatically recognizes when your website needs more performance and allocates more resources at lightning speed. This is how we efficiently cushion the effect of short-term load peaks.

Our advanced caching based on Varnish allows you to selectively empty the cache of your site on a page-by-page basis. This is particularly important for large magazines and WooCommerce stores, as the cache of the remaining site remains untouched and site continues to deliver at lightning speed.

The Varnish cache stores the WordPress Dashboard and the frontend of your website temporarily and delivers them at lightning speed when required. The more complex your site is, the more cache memory you need. We recommend at least 128 MB for stores. In addition to the Varnish cache, OpCache and APCu are also active.
Another new feature: thanks to the dedicated staging environment, your website and staging no longer have to share resources.

Better scaling

Sometimes your needs change at short notice and you want to scale your online business. For example, for a social media campaign or if you are expanding your portfolio or product range. If you need more performance in the long term, we will be able to upgrade you to a higher plans in just a few minutes. Without you having to take any action yourself.

With the Bi-Power Cores, we use twice the amount of hardware for your site in our virtualization solution. The individual cores are therefore more powerful and more resilient. This is ideal for particularly performance-hungry sites that want to use more CPU power per site .

What the changes mean for you

Newly created Mini, Starter, Fully Managed and Pro Boxes will be set up by us on the new servers with immediate effect and thus benefit directly from the above-mentioned advantages.

The following applies to existing Boxes : During the first wave of migration, we first migrate all Boxes (Mini to Pro) that are linked to Raidboxes domain contracts. This allows us to ensure minimal downtime during the migration. As these migrations are completely managed by us, this means no additional work for you. Your Boxes migrated by us will then automatically benefit from the improved performance and new features. We will of course inform you as soon as the specific dates for the go-live and migration have been set.

The second wave of moves concerns Boxes (Mini to Pro), which are not linked to Raidboxes domain contracts. Here too, we will keep you up to date by email and via Raidboxes Dashboard . All Boxes in ProXL to EnterpriseXL plan will be migrated in phase 3.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at any time. You can find detailed information about the migration phases in this article.

Transfer your domain now and save up to 100 percent

As an existing customer, you will receive your first Raidboxes domain free of charge for one year (with a 2-year term) and save 50 percent on each additional domain. You can find more information in our Helpcenter.

Temporary feature restrictions

The changeover will result in the following temporary changes:

  • Custom SSL certificates cannot be set up at the beginning. However, we will of course create a free SSL certificate for every domain that you link to your Boxes .
  • The Box status will not initially be able to display the CPU and RAM utilization in real time. However, we will deliver this function as soon as possible.

Our support team is always ready to answer your questions. We look forward to hearing your impressions of Raidboxes 2.0 and are always happy to receive your feedback!

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FAQ about Raidboxes 2.0

What does the new server infrastructure include?

Raidboxes 2.0 provides a significant performance boost on the new server structure, including a doubling of resources for Starter, Fully Managed and Pro Boxes. There are also improved security features such as DDoS protection, a new exploit detector and the Raidboxes Security Shield.

When will Raidboxes 2.0 be launched?

The launch will take place in April with a go-live, during which all new Boxes (Mini to Pro plan) will automatically benefit from the advantages. Existing Boxes will be migrated in various migration phases, which we will inform you about.

What does the migration mean for existing projects?

In the first wave, we will migrate Boxes, which is exclusively linked to Raidboxes domains. We will inform you separately about the further migration phase if you do not belong to this group.

How can I migrate my domain to Raidboxes ?

In this article, we will show you step by step how to transfer your domain to Raidboxes . All customers currently receive their first Raidboxes domain for free for one year (with a 2-year term) and a 50% discount on every additional domain.

Will the price change?

Our prices remain unchanged with the introduction of Raidboxes 2.0, including graduated prices and partner discounts. So you benefit from all services without having to pay more for them.

What happens if my Boxes does not exclusively use Raidboxes domains?

There will be a second wave of transfers (phase 2), which we will inform you about. This affects Boxes (Mini to Pro) that are not directly connected to Raidboxes domains. All Boxes in ProXL to EnterpriseXL plan will be migrated in phase 3.

Are the new features automatically available for migrated projects?

Yes, after the migration your Boxes will automatically benefit from the improved performance and the new security features.

What about my ProXL to EnterprixeXL Boxes?

All Boxes from ProXL-plan will be migrated in the third migration phase - regardless of whether they are connected to Raidboxes domains or not. We will inform you separately about the dates and schedule for this.

What about Starter and Fully Managed Boxes with PowerUp?

The PowerUp is no longer necessary on the new infrastructure, as Starter and Fully Managed Boxes are automatically equipped with twice the resources. The PowerUp is therefore already active there, so to speak - and immediately - for every Starter and Fully Managed Box .

Your questions about Raidboxes 2.0

What questions do you have about the new infrastructure? Feel free to use our support or the comment function. Would you like to be informed about more posts about WordPress and WooCommerce ? Then follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or via our newsletter.

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