Harambee! Raidboxes and – Even Stronger Together

The word “harambee” is swahili and can be translated as “everyone pulling together”. It’s in this spirit of combining efforts that Raidboxes has now joined forces with to become a big player on the European hosting market.

I’m often reminded of harambee because it puts into words exactly what we've been living at Raidboxes since 2016: the collaborative thinking and the common mission to transform the European B2B WordPress hosting market as one team. And above all, to give agencies, freelancers and companies who earn their daily bread with WordPress more freedom for their own business.

The beginning: Good. Better. gutado.

Johannes and I created Raidboxes in 2016 because of the ambition and, yes, frustration we felt as owners of a small web agency, gutado. At that time, there were only big, generic hosting providers in Germany. For real WordPress hosting specialists, we had to fall back on US companies. The result was long support times due to different zones and very poor performance for our WordPress websites. But what else could you expect if the servers are located on the other side of the planet, right?

Raidboxes Beginning
Raidboxes in 2016, still in its early days

It’s also important to note that, in the beginning, we hardly had any competition in Germany and Europe in terms of dedicated WordPress hosting. The big generic hosters could only smirk at the idea of quality instead of quantity. Sometimes we were even laughed at by big names in the IT industry when we presented our idea to secure venture capital.

The promise of quality not quantity

However, it quickly became clear that our target group was and is grateful to receive really high-quality managed WordPress hosting instead of bait-and-switch offers like "3 euros a month" or "Now 3 months free! With exceptional performance and the best support on the market, our customers are also willing to invest more money in WordPress hosting. Last but not least, because theysave several working hours per month with our integrated features in Raidboxes Dashboard .

Six years later, Raidboxes is today the largest WordPress hosting expert in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for agencies, freelancers and companies that earn their money with WordPress. We have over 16,000 customers to date, with more than 27,000 dedicated WordPress hosting servers, two data centers and customer projects from over 55 countries worldwide.

Over the past few years, our team has grown from three founders – Johannes, Marcel and myself to 45 people. Employees with a variety of different skills work every day to realize our mission of more freedom for our customers, both remotely and at the Raidboxes offices in Münster. comes, the Raidboxes brand stays

Yet we’re far from reaching our goal of being the European specialist for the WordPress B2B sector. After intensive discussions and a joint sounding out over several months, Raidboxes will now become a part of was formed in 2019 from the merger of three customer-focused hosting groups: Combell, TransIP and Register. The company is based in the middle of Europe, in Belgium. From the moment we first spoke to the team at, our customers were always at the forefront of our minds. 

Our conversations strategically focused on how we could best work together to advance the next level of software and dedicated hosting for the WordPress creative industry. It quickly became clear that we and shared the same mission, and that together we wanted to dedicate ourselves even more to developing solutions for WordPress freelancers and agencies.

Raidboxes Team 2019
Part of the 2019 team

Big Player in the European WordPress Business

In terms of strategy, Raidboxes now becomes a "big player" in the European WordPress hosting market. In the future, we’ll focus even more on providing agencies and freelancers in other European countries with the freedom and simplicity of our premium managed WordPress hosting. With the strong infrastructure and hosting know-how of, the course for Raidboxes – in addition to the still key D-A-CH region – is set for the whole of Europe.

We at Raidboxes and see huge potential in the years to come for us to create even more freedom for those working with WordPress in professional web design and web development. In the future, our teams will work together and be closely aligned to implement customer feedback even faster into new features, build new infrastructures in European countries and make improvements to our existing software.

Limitless opportunities for everyone

Together we’ll drive Raidboxes' vision to be the most successful platform for professional WordPress services across Europe. In doing so, we’ll also realize our vision of boundless opportunities, enabling everyone in Europe and all over the world to build their own WordPress business.

Our continued mission is to explore unconventional avenues and dedicate ourselves to the common good and sustainability even more than we already do. With the additional resources of, we are able to move even faster to advance causes close to our hearts at Raidboxes.

Supporting sustainable projects and the common good

Together with, we’ll focus even more intensively on sustainable projects. We’ll continue to support our existing causes, including:

Johannes and I are particularly pleased that with, we’ve now firmly incorporated the common good and a positive impact as a company into our company statutes – and so laying the foundation for our B-Corp certification. As CEOs, we’re committed to addressing all stakeholder needs and making a significant positive influence on society with Raidboxes.

Achieving more with a bigger team

We want Raidboxes to be and remain a very special place to work. As part of, we will do everything we can to ensure that our employees enjoy working at Raidboxes and that our values such as transparency, freedom, diversity and equality are lived throughout the company.

Over the last six years, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to build a talented, focused and highly motivated team of 45 "Raidboxers". We’ll build on this with the help of and are looking forward to additional great reinforcements in the Raidboxes team. Distance isn’t an issue, in fact 60 percent of Raidboxes’ employees now work completely remotely. Here, too, there are unlimited opportunities to work with us, wherever you may be.

Raidboxes Johannes Torben
Founders and managing directors Johannes & Torben

What makes Raidboxes stand out now and in the future is our great team spirit, our shared company values and our customer orientation. Maintaining our high standards in the market is our goal and we’ll always focus on quality instead of quantity. Be it in the performance of our WordPress websites or in our outstanding support, which our customers can rely on 365 days a year.

In the years to come, we’ll do everything in our power to support every one of our employees in Münster and all over Europe.

The best ideas are the ones no one believes in

Last but not least, we'd like to thank all our customers, agencies, freelancers and WordPress service providers, whose trust in Raidboxes made our success possible in the first place. Only through their support were we able to grow from an idea to a "bootstrapped" startup without any budget in such a way that further capital could be added by our first investor, the HTGF (2016), and also through our business angels (2017-2019).

This support and investment allowed Raidboxes to become the successful company it is today. With, the funds are now flowing back into the early-stage fund HTGF and we can make our contribution to this successful ecosystem. Johannes and I will continue to be part of the goals mentioned above in the coming years and will focus on implementing the mission and vision of Raidboxes in Europe together with our team and

We’re extremely excited about the future and very much looking forward to it!

Johannes & Torben

Founders & Managing Directors

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