New in WordPress 6.5: Fonts, new APIs and better performance

WordPress 6.5, the latest update to the popular content management system, is due to be released on March 26, 2024. In this article, we take a look at the update and show you what new features and changes you can look forward to. Improved Gutenberg editor A central element of the update will be the improved Gutenberg editor, which ... read more

WordPress 6.4 is coming: Gutenberg Phase 3 and theme Twenty Twenty-Four

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Preview of phase 3 of the WordPress editor Gutenberg

The modernization of WordPress goes into the next phase. "Collaboration" is now on the schedule. In this article I'll give you a first overview of the planned new and improved features. A redesign of the backend is also planned. The "Gutenberg" project of WordPress consists of a total of four phases, two of which are considered so advanced that ... read more

What awaits you in WordPress 6.3

Soon the time will come: WordPress 6.3, the latest update of the popular content management system WordPress, will be released in a few weeks. In this article we take a look at the beta version of WordPress 6.3 and show you what new features you can expect with the update. Even before the actual release, every WordPress update goes through a thorough ... read more

Reset WordPress – How to do it and What to Look out For 

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Your Guide to Setting up WordPress Redirects

A WordPress website is never "finished". You adapt it over the years again and again, improve, optimize and implement new ideas. This also means that at some point you will have to set up redirects. How this works, with but also without WordPress plugin, and why WordPress redirects are so ... read more

New in WordPress 6.2: Style Book, Openverse and Block Theme Widgets

We have tested WordPress 6.2 and show you what to expect with the new release. From the new style book to changes in the block settings and the integration of Openverse. As with every update of WordPress, the expectations for version 6.2 are great. The current changes seem at first glance not very spectacular ... read more

Build Your Own WordPress Website in 8 Simple Steps

You want to create your own WordPress website, but don't know where to start? Then you've come to the right place. In this article we show you how to create your own website with WordPress in eight steps - from the domain to the design to privacy & Co. It does not have to be ... read more

5 WordPress Plugins for Image Editing and Image Optimization

Images are among the most important components of any website. Good image editing is essential to ensure that the images not only look good, but also load quickly. There are many WordPress plugins that are specifically designed for image editing and optimization. They allow you to edit images directly in the WordPress media library. In this ... read more