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5 WordPress plugins for image editing and image optimization

Images are among the most important components of any website. Good image editing is essential to ensure that the images not only look good, but also load quickly. There are many WordPress plugins that are specifically designed for image editing and optimization. They allow you to edit images directly in the WordPress media library.

In this article, we'll introduce five of these WordPress plugins and explain how you can use them to optimize and improve the images on your website. So that your WordPress website offers the best possible performance. Additionally, see our ebook Making WordPress Faster with More Essential Tools.

What are WordPress Plugins for Image Editing and Optimization?

WordPress plugins are extensions that can be integrated into the Content Management System (CMS) and are specifically designed for use within WordPress. They allow all users to edit, optimize and manage images within the CMS. 

Other image editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Figma, or GIMP, are separate applications that can be installed on the users computer and used independently of a CMS. 

These programs usually offer a more extensive range of editing functions and tools. However, inexperienced users usually need a much longer training period and the application is often more complicated than with WordPress plugins.

What Problems can Arise if I Do Not Optimize Images on the Website?

If you don't optimize the images on your website, it can lead to some problems:

  • longer loading times: Unoptimized images often have a larger file size and therefore take longer to load. This can affect the loading time of the entire website and cause visitors to leave before it has even loaded.
  • high data consumption: More data will be consumed if your images are unoptimized. This can be expensive for visitors, who access the website via a mobile connection.
  • search engine optimization: Search engines like Google take a website's loading times into account when determining its ranking. So if a website is slow this can lead to a lower ranking in the search results.
  • poor user experience: A website with slow loading times and unoptimized images can be unpleasant for visitors. There is a high probability that they will not recommend the website to others or visit it again.
  • wasting server resources: Unoptimized images take up more disk space and processing power. This can cause the server to become overloaded and the website to slow down.

So, as you can see, it's important to optimize the images on your website to avoid these issues and improve the user experience.

5 WordPress Plugins for Editing Images

Below we present five popular WordPress plugins for image editing and optimization.

1. WP Smush

Wordpress Plugins Pictures Imagesmush

WP Smush is one of the WordPress plugins designed to automatically optimize the image size and improve the loading time of your website. It removes unnecessary metadata from image files and compresses them without affecting the quality. The plugin supports optimization of JPEG, PNG and GIF images. It can also optimize multiple images at once and provides an easy way to optimize already uploaded images.

WP Smush and WebP

Smush can convert images to WebP format, but saves these files in a separate folder rather than in the original folder. However, this is often a requirement for the WebP format to be used automatically, including at Raidboxes. A good alternative in this case is Shortpixel.

WP Smush is a very useful tool that can reduce the loading time of site and thus improve the user experience. The speed of a site is an important factor for search engine optimization (SEO), as search engines consider the loading time of site as a ranking factor. 

The plugin is easy to use, it can be used on any site and it is available for free. But if you want, you can also use the Pro version of the plugin, which offers more features like optimizing larger images or the possibility to optimize multiple images at once.

2. EWWW Image Optimizer

Wordpress Plugins Pictures Ewwwimage

EWWW Image Optimizer automatically optimizes images to shorten your website loading time and save disk space. It supports optimization of JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF files.

EWWW Often Only Runs in the Pro Version

The free version of the plugin uses the PHP function exec(), which is blocked by some hosters for security reasons. In this case, only the Pro version of EWWW remains, or also the very good alternative Shortpixel for WordPress.

The plugin uses various techniques to reduce the image size without affecting the quality. It also offers the possibility to optimize already uploaded images, even with multiple images at once. Another useful feature of EWWW Image Optimizer is the ability to optimize images in the cloud. The optimization can be performed on another server, which can further reduce the loading time of your website.

EWWW Image Optimizer is a very useful tool for anyone who runs a website. It can reduce the loading time of your site, improve the user experience and helps with search engine optimization. The plugin is easy to use, but there is also a Pro version that offers additional features like optimizing larger images or the ability to optimize multiple images at once.

3. imsanity

Wordpress Plugins Pictures Imsanity

Imsanity automatically limits the size of uploaded images and the images that exceed the specified size are automatically scaled. This can help save disk space on the server and improve website loading times, as smaller images can load faster. 

The plugin also allows you to set the maximum size for different image types, such as header images, post images and gallery images, independently. It also supports converting images to JPG format, which is a good choice for most applications as it offers a good compression ratio and quality.

Overall, Imsanity is a useful plugin for those who want to limit the size of uploaded images and improve the performance of their WordPress website.

4. Regenerate Thumbnails

Wordpress Plugins Pictures Regenerate thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails is a WordPress plugin that allows you to regenerate the size of thumbnails used by WordPress to display images in posts, pages and galleries. This is useful if you want to resize thumbnails to better fit your design, or if you have changed the theme of your site and the thumbnails no longer fit the correct dimensions.

With Regenerate Thumbnails you can select single or multiple images and regenerate the thumbnail sizes. There is also the option to regenerate all thumbnails in a specific folder. The plugin also creates backup images before regenerating the thumbnails to ensure that no data is lost.

Regenerate Thumbnails is a useful tool for anyone who wants to change the size of the thumbnails in their WordPress website, allowing it to display the images in the right size and improve the website performance. It is easy to use and very useful to regenerate the thumbnails after changing the theme or design requirements.

5. Image Watermark

Wordpress Plugins Pictures Easywatermark

Image Watermark allows you to automatically watermark images (a text or image overlay) to protect them from unauthorized use. With this plugin you can add a watermark by uploading either a text or an image and placing it anywhere on the image. There is also the option to customize the transparency, font, font color and font size of the text watermark.

The plugin also supports setting watermark application to different image types, such as header images, post images and gallery images, independently. It also allows to automatically apply the watermark to already uploaded images and it is possible to apply the watermark to specific image sizes.

Overall, Image Watermark is a useful plugin for anyone who wants to protect their images from unauthorized use. It is easy to use and allows you to customize the watermark to your own requirements. By automatically applying the watermark to already uploaded images, it also saves time and makes it easier to manage the images on the website.

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Conclusion: Improve your Website with WordPress Plugins

There are many good WordPress image editing plugins that allow you to quickly and easily optimize the images on your website. These plugins offer features like automating image optimization, processing multiple images at once, and the ability to maintain the quality of the image while reducing the size. Some of these plugins also offer preview features so you can see how the optimized image will look before you add it to your website. 

Overall, the presented plugins are a straightforward way to improve the loading time of your website and make the images more appealing to your visitors . It's worth trying out different ones and choosing the ones that best suit your website's needs. Also see our post: Optimize Images for WordPress: 6 Popular Image Compression Plugins.

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