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New Ebook for WordPress Professionals: Online Shops With Woocommerce

Freelancers and agencies for WordPress can no longer ignore WooCommerce . Which possibilities and business models does the shop system offer? Which extensions should you know? And how do you use them efficiently? This is what our new e-book WooCommerce for professionals shows you. It is available in German and English.

More and more self-employed people, freelancers and agencies are considering using WooCommerce . Because the shopping market is booming. And this is the only way to keep your customers. But what does the free shop system based on WordPress do? When should you use it and how much does a typical online shop cost? Our e-book has the answers for you.

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To the English version "WooCommerce for professionals

The 70+ page e-book contains important information for agencies and WP professionals to really get started with WooCommerce . No matter if planning, implementing or developing webshops. Here is an excerpt from the contents:

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the most successful software for online shops worldwide. But only a few companies in this country know the system. We give you the necessary arguments with which you can score with your customers. Learn more about the open source model, the ease of use, the scalability of WooCommerce but also about its limitations. The market for online shops is growing rapidly. You already offer services for WordPress ? Then you can participate in this success relatively easily. We show you step by step in the book how it works.

Product Block WooCommerce
WooCommerce is very easy to use. This helps you and your customers.

Basics of the shop system

WooCommerce is so popular mainly because you can install it very quickly and with little prior knowledge. However, your customers need you as a professional:

  • A simple shop is actually set up within a few minutes. But then the work only begins. For example, with the creation or import of products and customer data.
  • There are functions hiding behind innocent-looking menu options in the backend that can completely change processes in your shop. Laymen are very often overstrained with this. Laypeople are often overwhelmed by things like this.
  • The ongoing maintenance must be well thought out. This includes the extensive testing of updates, regular backups, the control and updating of product data, but also the adaptation of the shop to legal requirements.
  • You absolutely need a test or Staging environment for WooCommerce . Shop owners also like to place this responsibility in external hands.

Online shops require technical knowledge as well as know-how in the areas of online law, logistics, online marketing, usability, web design, SEO, analytics and content marketing. You will not become an expert in all these areas. You will also find further information on this in the e-book.

WooCommerce for Professionals also shows you how to calculate the costs for a WooCommerce shop. Both for the set-up and for the ongoing operation. Because the requirements for an online shop are usually much more extensive.

WooCommerce as legally secure as possible

WooCommerce was developed for the US market. In the EU, and especially in Germany and Austria, there are numerous legal requirements that you must take into account during planning and operation. Otherwise, your customers run the risk of receiving a warning. They will ask you to make their shop as legally compliant as possible.

There is no 100% protection. Nevertheless, it is expected that you are well versed in the permissible checkout process, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) or button solutions.

WooCommerce Product
Legal certainty: In Germany, products must have very specific information.

There are good Plugins and service providers for WooCommerce that will do most of your work for you. This also minimizes your business risk as an agency or freelancer. WooCommerce for professionals presents tools you should know. And we list the most important adjustments you can make in the shop system.

Plugins for WooCommerce

There are hundreds plugins of thousands for WooCommerce, for every conceivable purpose. It is anything but easy to estimate the quality of the extensions. Our e-book not only gives indications for a future-proof solution. We also introduce you to the most important tools, which, based on experience, are requested for common shop projects.

Among them are plugins for

  • The administration of membersites
  • For sending newsletters
  • For products in the subscription model
  • For the distribution of events, trainings and rentals
  • On variable pricing

Show your customers that you know your stuff. And that you use high-quality components. This will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

B2B shops

B2B shops are aimed at commercial users. They require different processes than when selling purely to end customers. This also applies to mixed online shops that sell to B2B and B2C. Shop owners do not always know what needs to be implemented here.

Example: In Germany and some other countries, B2B customers must be verified by their sales tax identification number (USt-ID) or VAT ID before they are allowed to use a store. As a rule, sales tax does not have to be shown either. Mapping this out in WooCommerce is much more complex than it sounds at first. This is because the tax calculation is anchored in many internal processes. In WooCommerce for Professionals, we introduce the plugin "B2B Market". It also ensures better marketing of products in the store. With graduated prices and similar tools that WooCommerce does not have in the standard.

Themes for WooCommerce

A Theme for WordPress or WooCommerce is a kind of design template. It determines how your portal looks like. A good web design is very important for online shops. It decides whether your visitors stay in the shop and add products to their shopping cart. Often your customers only notice after a relaunch that the new Theme wasn't such a good choice.

Here you are needed as a consultant who knows all aspects of a good design template. WooCommerce for professionals provides you with the necessary knowledge.

WooCommerce mobile-optimised
Your WooCommerce Shop must work on all devices

It is about points like mobile optimization, speed, a clean programming but also about compatibility with WooCommerce and third plugins party applications. In our e-book we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of self-developed Themesversus ready-made templates. Depending on your focus - consulting or development - you will specialize as a service provider in one of the two possibilities.

In the book we present the most popular Themes for WooCommerce . Among others Flatsome, Storefront and Astra. But also a German-language Theme.

WooCommerce Hosting

Webshops need a much better performing web hosting than pure content portals. This is because their users register, use the comprehensive product search, filter the results, compile shopping baskets, complete the purchase and payment, access their customer area, etc. - all in parallel. That's why you should use special packages for WooCommerce hosting.

As a WordPress professional, you have the following levers at your disposal to make WooCommerce faster:

  • The caching of stylesheets, JavaScript but also of images and co. But be careful: For WooCommerce you have to set up certain exceptions, such as for the shopping cart. Otherwise the ordering process will not work.
  • Enough CPU cores. Finally, the server must be able to absorb more load with many visitors and corresponding database queries.
  • A sufficient PHP memory limit. So that the server can withstand large and simultaneous processes. For this reason, the PHP memory limit for our WooCommerce tariffs is 512 megabytes.

Other points for hosting online shops are automatic backups, free SSL certificates as well as managed WordPress , Theme- and Plugin-updates. Then the solutions will run much more stable for your customers. Our e-book will tell you more details about the points mentioned.

WooCommerce Hosting
On our website you can find a calculator for the right WooCommerce package.

WooCommerce for freelancers and agencies

The growing shopping market is your chance. There are many providers who have services for the shop system in their portfolio. But they rarely have the necessary know-how. If you come from the WordPress community you have great advantages here.

The e-book lists the advantages and disadvantages of various business models with WooCommerce. Which services are most in demand? And how do you know which parts of them are suitable for you? We show you step by step. You don't develop, but run an online shop yourself? Then use this part of the book to find out more about the quality of your service providers.

Blog posts on the topic

You can also read some of the chapters from the book as blog posts:

If you are developing online shop projects for your customers, take advantage of our free hosting for WooCommerce now.

You have questions about WooCommerce? Feel free to use the comment function. You want to be informed about news about the shop system? Then follow us on Twitter, Facebook or via our newsletter.

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