WP-News: Our 7-second performance check & The WordPress ship on a new course

Torben Simon Meier Last updated 10/23/2020
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WordPress  Newsletter #40

Last week, Matias Ventura sparked a renewed discussion about Gutenberg and the future of WordPress . Plus, we've got a 7-second performance check (including a cheat sheet✌) for you. And we show you how cross-site request forgery puts your cookies at risk.

WP-News: Our 7-second performance check & The WordPress ship on a new course

The 7-second performance check
Load time optimization is hard work. Because not only do you need to know how to optimize your site , you also need to know where to actually start. Tools like Google PageSpeed Insights only point out the standard handholds here. Our experience from 450 detailed page analyses and over 2,000 site checks shows, however, that even in supposedly thoroughly optimized sites , there are always performance brakes. And with our small but fine 7-second checkyou can recognize these unused potentials with just one look.


Absence due to illness: The great danger of self-employment
For the self-employed, an illness can, in the worst case, become a real threat to their existence. Peer Wandiger from SelbstständigImNetz deals with the topic of illness and has valuable tips on how you can best prepare for the worst case scenario as a self-employed person.

How does the sale of Plugins and Themes actually work ?
Phil Derksen, founder of Plugins WP Simple Pay, has already gained experience in buying and selling Plugins himself. In his article, he discusses not only the usual process, but also the potential pitfalls of negotiating a sale. In addition, you will learn which factors determine the value of your Plugin- or Theme- business and how to find a suitable buyer.


When cookies become a danger
Cross-site request forgery is one of the oldest threats on the web. Attackers use fake links or forms to steal data, commit fraud, or plant malicious code. You probably know the abbreviation, CSRF, from various WordPress updates. That's because corresponding loopholes are found and closed again and again. Fortunately, Cross-Site Request Forgery is now old hat and the protection against it is quite simple.

Here's how one wrong click crippled a US town for 4 days
In the small American town of Issaquah, a ransomware attack completely knocked out the city government for four days. According to the IT manager in charge, there was no investment in the administration's technical equipment and IT security for years. TheHackerNews reports on how the incident occurred and what simple security measures were introduced afterwards.


Gutenberg will save WordPress !
According to Gutenberg co-developer Matias Ventura the new editor and the introduction of the block system will bring the tottering WordPress ship back on course: "How can a system fundamentally evolve without drastically changing? WordPress can build incredible sites, yet the usability and clarity that used to be a driving force for its adoption has been fading away."

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