WP-News: WooCommerce Checkout & Top Tier Hosting Award 2021

WP-News: WooCommerce Checkout & Top Tier Hosting Award 2021

There are a few updates from the world of WordPress : WordPress 5.8 Tatum is here and brings exciting new features, how to optimise your WooCommerce checkout and an overview of the best web design communities. In the magazine, we approach the topic of copywriting, list the best social media Plugins and have a guide to CSS Grid in store. And there's something to celebrate: our award at Review Signal!

review signal hosting review raidboxes

Hosting Review 2021: Raidboxes builds on last year's success

We achieved very good results in all three categories of this year's Review Signal WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmark - and received two Top Tier Awards. We're excited to share these results with you. So, what is Review Signal, how do they rate and how well did we do? Learn more

copywriting tips

Copywriting basics for better conversions

Immersed in the world of e-commerce, you are constantly confronted with terms like leads, hooks, brand identity or ad copy. We explain the basics that you can use to boost your conversions.  

social media plugins wordpress

Social Media Plugins for WordPress : Top 5 Tools

Having a website is only half the battle. If you want to be seen on the web, you almost can't do without social media. For this reason, we present five popular social media Plugins for WordPress today.

CSS grid layout

SS Grid Layouts - The Big Guide

The big platforms like Apple, What if you could expand your Flexbox layout not only vertically but also horizontally? This and more is possible since the integration of CSS Grid. The big guide tells you everything you need to know.


WordPress 5.8 Tatum introduces Block Widgets, Duotone & more
Named in honour of jazz pianist Art Tatum, WordPress 5.8 is here. This makes it the second major release in 2021. The new version includes duotone media filters, block-based widgets and other new features.

Online Marketing

Review: Optimise WooCommerce Checkout
The standard WooCommerce checkout is not exactly user-friendly. This is exactly where the Plugin Checkout X comes in and helps you to upgrade the checkout. The WP Mayor team has tested Plugin for you and has some exciting insights.

Emojis and accessibility: how to use them properly
Who doesn't love emojis? Ryan Tan's article is not about how cool emojis are (because we all know that already). It's about how you can use emojis to make your products more inclusive.

Web Design & Development

Use design bundles as designer:in?
It's a smart move to use stock assets, isn't it? However, with so many stock sites to choose from, the question is which one should you choose for your next project?  

The best web design communities & forums
A community creates a space for advice, feedback and the latest trends. Whether you're experienced or starting out as a web designer, these communities will help you network with other professionals and learn from their experiences.


11 Ice Breaker Methods for Dynamic Online Meetings and Workshops
It is often more difficult to warm up and participate in discussions in a virtual setting. Agile coach Oliver Wüntsch therefore has eleven Ice Breaker methods in his luggage that make it easier to get started in digital events and promote interaction.

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