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WordPress News: WordPress 6.3 & WordCamp Germany

Whether on the beach or in the office - the WordPress news can not be missing. This time: Everything about the latest WordPress 6.3 release, the first regional WordCamp Germany in October and how you can improve your Largest Contentful Paint. Not enough yet? Then look forward to insights into the 5 biggest WordPress speed killers and how the future of online blogging looks like. Happy reading! 🏖️🧉

Wordpress 6.3

What to expect in WordPress 6.3
It's almost time: WordPress 6.3, the next major WordPress update, is expected to be released on August 8. We've taken a look at the roadmap for the new version, as well as the beta versions released so far, and now give you a taste of what to expect. Learn more

News from the magazine

Largest Contentful Paint

Largest Contentful Paint improve and understand

The Largest Contentful Paint plays an important role not only for the load time, but also for your Google ranking. What's behind this metric and how you can improve your Largest Contentful Paint.

Wordpress Speed Killer

The 5 biggest WordPress speed killers

What could be the reason that your WordPress website is too slow despite fast hardware and special hosting? We present you the 5 most common causes for a too low WordPress speed.

Google Bread

Google's compression algorithm "Brotli
For a long time gzip was the standard, but in the meantime a new compression algorithm called Brotl is outrunning it. And not without reason! We show you the differences and advantages.


The first regional WordCamp Germany
The preparations for the first regional WordCamp Germany from October 19 to 21, 2023 are in full swing! The venue will be the Stadthalle Rondell in Gerolstein / Vulkaneifel - tickets are already available.

WordPress introduces Slack/Matrix bridge

As the WordPress project moves towards using Matrix, a transition has been created. This bridge allows you to continue to follow the chat and participate from either Matrix or Slack.

Web design & development

Gutenberg vs. Elementor: Who is better?
Gutenberg is the native WordPress editor, and it offers you numerous options to create complex designs. Elementor, on the other hand, offers absolute design flexibility and ease of use. So, which editor should you use?

5 Text-to-Speech Plugins for Your Website
Adding text-to-speech (TTS) to your WordPress website has several advantages. Among other things, it makes your website more accessible to people with disabilities. Here are some of the best TTS plugins.

Online Marketing

What does the future of the online blog look like?

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts, I'm sure you feel like people want nothing but videos. What does that mean for you in the future as a blogger:in?


5 Tips for Financial Freedom as a Freelancer
As a freelancer:in, you know the unique financial challenges it brings. Why not use a few of the insights from financial experts who specialize in helping freelancers?

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