Wordpress News #160

WordPress News: Gutenberg Phase 3 & Roadmap to WP 6.4

With this changeable start of September there is now the WordPress News - a good reason to stay in the dry. This time around, we're including the start of Phase 3 of the Gutenberg project and how to measure the success of your email marketing campaign. Still not enough? Then be happy to learn about sustainability in data centers using Cloud & Heat as an example and read more about the security of smaller WordPress websites. Have fun reading! ☔📰⛅

Gutenberg Editor phase 3

Phase 3 of the WordPress Editor Gutenberg

The "Gutenberg" project of WordPress consists of a total of four phases, two of which are considered so advanced that phase 3 "Collaboration" is now starting. A redesign of the backend is also planned. Get a first overview of the planned new and improved features. Learn more

News from the magazine

WordPress News: Gutenberg Phase 3 & Roadmap to WP 6.4

Success control in e-mail marketing

If you're doing email marketing, you'll want to know how successful your campaigns are. But in this article, Jan Tissler explains what you should look out for in your metrics.

Cloud And Heat Newsletter 2

Cloud & Heat: Record in energy efficiency

The climate targets are high, and so is the growth in data centers. The world must become climate-neutral in a good 30 years. The company Cloud & Heat shows you how both can work together.

How Secure Is WordPress Newsletter 2 (1)

WordPress security: your website as a target?

43.2 percent of all websites use WordPress. The high prevalence of the CMS makes it a popular target for attacks. Learn how and why even smaller websites are often targeted.


Unveiling the roadmap for WordPress 6.4

Work on a more comprehensive WordPress update is underway again! Until November 7, the team integrates improved tools and revisions. This includes a new default theme, font library and blocks.

502 Solve Gateway Error in WordPress

If you work with WordPress websites, troubleshooting is also one of your regular tasks. In the process, you might encounter a 502 gateway error. Here you can find help to identify and solve such a challenge.

Web design & development

Basic block theme features for building your website

Block themes in WordPress offer endless possibilities for building websites. But not all of them are ideal for your needs as a web designer:in. Let's take a look at which features best suit you and your style.

Online Marketing

PPC Audit: Optimize your Paid Ads and save money in the process

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns can cost a lot. However, with an ill-conceived strategy, you can quickly throw your money out the window. Find out how you can increase the ROI of your paid ads with an intensive audit here.

Optimize your WooCommerce store in 3 simple steps

Creating and maintaining your product listings in WooCommerce can be a tedious job. Make the process easier and let ChatGPT help you optimize your product descriptions.


11 ways to increase your sales rate

Your store is up and running, but your customers aren't converting? There are simple and inexpensive ways to change that. Use one of these strategies to increase your WooCommerce sales.

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