The 15 Best WordPress Themes 2023

Are you working on a new WordPress website? Or would you like to give your existing website a new design? With the right WordPress theme you can do that in just a few clicks. However, finding a good theme that fits your needs can be a bit more difficult. To help you with that, we have searched the World Wide Web ... read more

Webflow vs. WordPress: Which CMS is better?

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The best web design trends 2023

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WordPress Block Pattern: What it is and how it helps with your website

For faster processes and simplification of daily work on the website provide Block Pattern in WordPress. These are predefined block layouts that can be inserted and customized with little effort in different places. Therefore, in this post we introduce you to the WordPress pattern directory and the Block Pattern Creator. Most websites ... read more

UX Design - reach your goal with these psychological basics

You've probably heard of the 80/20 rule. But do you know how to apply it to usability in UX design? I took a closer look at some psychological findings and considered them in relation to user experience. Psychologists have been trying to understand why humans behave since time immemorial, ... read more

UX Laws, their origins and how to apply them correctly

User Experience is all about causality: How do you know which events have which consequences? In addition to user testing and the use of design patterns, UX laws also provide you with answers to your questions. Used correctly, you will improve the usability of your website in the long run and invite website visitors to stay. UX Laws - or also ... read more

The Best Ways to Include Code Snippets in WordPress

If you run a WordPress website, there will certainly come a time when you deal with code snippets. Since the maintenance of code snippets can cause unnecessary work if they are not integrated correctly, there are code snippet plugins. But there are also other ways to integrate Code Snippets into your website. In this article we will compare the ... read more

Customer Persona: How to Identify & Understand your Target Group

If you deal with your target group, sooner or later you will come across the term persona, avatar, user persona, buyer persona or customer persona. In this article, I will show you what it means and how you can identify and better understand your target group with a customer persona. What is a customer persona? ... read more

Tidying up WordPress: Spring cleaning with perspective

Cleaning up WordPress means digital spring cleaning. It's mostly about making your WordPress website faster, more secure and leaner. Old plugins and themes are deleted, the database is optimised and the WordPress website is cleaned up. But you should never lose sight of the big picture. Because a spring clean is the perfect opportunity to improve your own site concept and ... read more