Customer Persona: How to Identify & Understand your Target Group

If you deal with your target group, sooner or later you will come across the term persona, avatar, user persona, buyer persona or customer persona. In this article, I will show you what it means and how you can identify and better understand your target group with a customer persona. What is a customer persona? ... read more

What is PHP? Why Learning and Understanding PHP is Worthwhile

Have you ever asked yourself "What is PHP actually? You have certainly read or heard the term at least once. My experience shows that most people still have little idea of what PHP is and how it works. This article is intended to fill this gap in your knowledge and will help you if the topic of PHP is new to ... read more

WordPress UX Plugins: Improve the Usability of your Website

The success of any website or app depends on the user experience. For your business or product to succeed in the digital marketplace, the needs of your users must be paramount at all times. The most important thing is that the design of your website is user-centred. This is what user experience (UX) design is all about. For design ... read more

Personalization in Web Design: How to Make Content More Appealing 

In the past, websites were rather static concepts - characterised by one-way communication with your users. With the help of personalisation, you create relevant content that enriches the individual customer journey of your target group. The goal: from a rigid approach to more dialogue and better experiences. According to Hubspot, 74 percent of users react frustrated when ... read more

Pro Theme: The WordPress Website Builder Test

Pro by Themeco is not the first WordPress website builder I have used. And yet it convinces me more in some areas than other page builders for WordPress have done. Here is my overview of the pros and cons. Pro is a website builder for WordPress that makes it very easy to put together websites. The advantage ... read more

WP-CLI - Are you Using the Command Line for WordPress?

Command line programs are useful for many applications and can save you a lot of work. Today I'll introduce you to a very helpful command line tool for WordPress: WP-CLI. WordPress has evolved since its beginnings in 2004. It was originally a blogging platform designed to "democratise publishing" and quickly became very popular. ... readmore

Accessibility: Tips to Check your Website's Accessibility

Testing for accessibility is the key to designing a website without hurdles and barriers. But many people think it is difficult to put an accessible website into practice. Therefore, in this article you will learn practical tips to test your website for accessibility. Checking the accessibility of your website is the ... read more

The Best Web Design Trends 2022

Want to know what's hot in the world of web design? Here are the most important web design trends 2022 that you should definitely know. Have fun! Some companies go for a traditional style. Others want to stay on the cutting edge of design. No matter which group you belong to and for whom you design your websites: There are ... read more

What is the DNS? Short Guide to the Domain Name System and Possible Errors

Have you ever asked yourself: What exactly does my browser do when I click on a link? There is actually nothing complicated behind it - but knowing about the Domain Name System (DNS) will make some troubleshooting much more pleasant. We explain what is behind the DNS and go into more detail about ... read more